If The Republicans Ban Internet Gambling They Will Repeat A Costly Demographic Mistake


Many of the left have taken the surprising victory of Donald Trump poorly, which responded with considerable hand-twisting and emotional outbursts. Contrary to simply targeting the many evils that will happen under his presidency they should look in the mirror and notice if they did not spend the last eight years encouraging the growth of executive power they would not have to be so concerned now.

The Republicans will soon have control over all of the elected branches for the first time in over a decade, and they ignore this lesson at their danger.

A small group of congressional Republicans are trying to undo the Department of Justice’s acknowledgement back in 2011. It states that the Wire Act which was passed even before the internet existed, should have never been interpreted to prevent all forms of online gambling such as lotteries or poker, as opposed to addresses bets on any sporting event or contest.

They have worked up about it since the millionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson is a huge donor for the GOP and thus some of the states have started to legalize online gambling within their borders. However, the tenth amendment as well as the principles of federalism state that federal lawmakers must not have a say in any regard towards activities that take place entirely within a state’s borders. Hence, if a state government decides to authorize online gambling for its citizens, they should be free to do so.

Adelson and the before mentioned group of Republicans have been trying for quite a while to pass the Restoration of the US Wire Act, which will stop states from deciding their personal gambling rules.

The Republicans should learn from the disappointed Democrats, and while they are in power, they should resist the temptation to operate beyond the constitutional limits so that these limits would still be around to keep the other side in check once the control of the government falls in their hands again.

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