Spin the Slots of the Fruit Machines – The Games That Everybody Loves

Fruit machines are widespread in the UK, and they became popular after the use of slot machines at places other than real casinos have been prohibited. These games were created to resemble slot machines. The difference is that the latter pay out large winnings. Fruit machines are designed to be suitable for pubs, bars and arcades.

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As people say, fruit machines are old but gold. There are also some modern options to choose from.

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Fruit Machine vs. Classic Slots

What is the difference between the Fruit machines and other Slots? The fruit machine is very popular in the UK; you can play in almost every pub, arcade or fish n chip shop. However, these slot games are not very popular in other countries.

The fruit machine games require certain skills which bring more chances of winning great prizes. With the increased winning chances also increases the opportunity to make a mistake, but this is the thrilling part of playing such machines.

The majority of fruit machines have an option for gambling. This means that you can gamble your prize and it takes the form of lower or higher type guest.

Fruit slots are so renowned because of their features!Fruit slots are so renowned because of their features the bonus board and the cash ladder. This means that the player stops on a flashing light and has the option to gamble and guess lower or higher to determine the next move. When you click the collect or start button you can make your next move.

The regulations of all fruit machines are alike, no matter that they can have their own original look – they have the same functions.

Most of the machines have 1 pay line and 3 reel games. However, they are not the same as classic slot machines. The fruit slots have their specific features. If you are aware of these characteristics, then you will manage to tell which machine is a fruit slot and which is an ordinary slot.

Fruit machines and classic slots are much alike. However, the machines are different because they have their own characteristics. Playing fruit machine games require more active players because they have more gambling features compared to classic slots.

For example, there is a cash ladder which makes players guess if the next move will be lower or higher. There is also a bonus board or bonus trail feature. These are triggered in the game process, and you have to click to stop the icon and see what bonus you have won.

Nudge and Hold

Those two buttons are evidence that you are playing a real fruit machine. The “Hold” button allows the player to lock up one or many reels for the next spin. You can hold the reel at different times depending on the fruit machine game. It is recommended to hold symbols with high value and thus improve your odds for a winning match next time. This is the button that all of these machines have. Provided that you come across slot machine which does not feature a “Hold” button, this only means that it is any other type of slot machine, but not a fruit slot.

You can hit the button to lock up one or many reels on your next spin. The number of holds is different for the different fruit machines – and this is a random number. This means that you can hold not only one reel but more reels and for several spins.

Are you allowed to lock up part of the symbols?You are allowed to lock up part of the symbols that you will see on the 3 reels of the machine. By doing so, the next time you make a spin you will get higher chances of scoring a winning match that will give you a larger reward as well.

Most of the times you get the opportunity to lock up one, two or three reels. However, the number of holds is different regarding the fruit machine game. You should know that all fruit machines have the “Hold” option.

The fruit machines also have “Nudge” feature, and it gives you the chance to nudge one or more reels on your next spin. It is similar to the “Hold” feature. The fruit slot machines offer a specific number of nudges to the player. You are allowed to nudge two or three reels for several spins.

You can also get nudges as an award when you are using the Bonus Trail Feature. This feature allows you to win nudges during your way on the bonus trail. Different machines offer a different number of nudges. You can see the nudges on the pay line of the fruit machine. This feature gives you a great chance to win an even bigger prize.

The “Nudge” button has almost the same function as the Hold button. It does not hold the reels but allows players to poke it on the next spin. In this way you retain the good symbols live on the reels. Of course, the number of “nudges” also depends on the fruit machine game.

Gamble Feature

The gambling buttons “Lo” and “Hi” are the next evidence that fruit machines require players to participate in the game more actively. The player is provided with playing cards, and they have to guess the next card. If you are right, you can win a  huge amount of cash, but in the opposite case, you can lose everything. This feature is present in many video poker variants, and players passionate about these games are already familiar with it.

This is a characteristic that could be found on all fruit machines. You can play it after each winning. However, not only fruit machines have the gamble feature. Other slot machines also have it, simply the one on the fruit machine operates differently.

Can you gamble the amount you have won after each win?You can gamble the amount you have won after each win. The gamble option allows you to choose between lower or higher bet. The best thing is that if you have guessed right, you can double your win. There is always a thrill because if you are wrong, you will lose everything.

The gamble feature gives you the chance to guess a card which you choose yourself. Usually, you can choose the color of the card – black or red or guess the suit of the cards. In case that you have guessed the color of the card, you will double your win. Moreover, if you got the suit right – the win is multiplied by four. Unfortunately, a wrong guess means that you will lose all your winnings.

The gamble feature could function as Hi Low feature, and in this way, you could make a spin, but before this, you must select a number between 1 and 12. Here you have the option to figure out if the odds are right for you. For instance, if the number is 8, 9 or 10 probably the number will be lower, and this means that the odds are in your favor. Also, you could get the option to exchange this feature. In case you win the slot gambling feature, you can get the chance to replace it with another one. However, to have this opportunity, you must already have several winnings.

Fruit Machines Pack a Punch

Online fruit machine games are very fast-moving, and they provide more winning options than classic slot games. Online fruit machines are easily accessible, so you do not need to go to the UK to play the game.

The fruit machine’s popularity is because the game is very exciting from the beginning until the end. Fruit machine games require more skills compared to classic slot games, and they also have their individual characteristics. 

Fruit machine Characteristics

Examine every component of the fruit machine games!On this page, we will examine every component of the fruit machine games. This guarantees that at the end you will know everything important regarding the features and how these machines operate. In case you decide to play a machine, and it has all the characteristics mentioned above, this means that you are dealing with fruit machine for sure.

Bonus Board Feature or Bonus Trail

Bonus Trail or Bonus Board is another component of fruit machines. These features are triggered randomly throughout the game. Different fruit machines (mostly new slots) offer different variations of these characteristics to the players, and you have two options to play them. You can enter in a fixed number of places around the board, or the other option is the board flashing, and when you hit the stop button, the bright square tells you where you have to stop.

The Bonus Trail

The Bonus trail consists of circles, stars, squares and other figures. Each of the figures stands for a certain feature or reward. When you hit the button to start spinning, you will get a random number, and it activates the places which will glow when you proceed into your way on the bonus trail.

It is nice to know, that all of the places offer bonuses and this means that your winnings are getting significantly bigger. Most of the amounts you have received will be multiplied. Moreover, you can also get another benefit – you can gain access to the Cash Ladder or receive some nudges.

After the light stops glowing, players receive the feature which is on the square.  Unfortunately, you do not always win on the Bonus Board – you can also lose. No doubt it is quite unpleasant, but this is also part of the thrill coming with the game.

See the popular features which the Bonus Board offers!Here we will make a list of the most common and popular features which the Bonus Board offers to all players:

  • Collect or continue: This option gives you the chance to make the decision whether to gather your rewards or keep on playing and get bigger winnings. Pay attention that you can lose everything in a moment.
  • Gamble: Here you have the options to keep on playing or gamble the amount you have won until now. This happens by pressing the Hi Lo button. Then you need to guess if the number will be Low or High.
  • Repeats: This feature allows players to repeat some actions which include holds or nudges.
  • Free Nudges: As you can tell from its name you receive nudges for free and you can use them during the game.

Cash Ladder

The Cash Ladder is different in the different fruit machines. One of the types has flashing stars which typically how the machine looks. This feature is one of the most exciting for all players.

The Cash Ladder is one of the distinctive features of fruit machines. What does this Cash Ladder do? It flashes up and down, and you will have to try to press the stop button when the ladder is nearest to the top. The goal is to hit the biggest winning on the Cash Ladder.

There are other ways to win from the Cash Ladder – it lights up slowly one place at a time. Provided that you win, all of the places on the cash ladder will start glowing. If you play, more you are likely to win more. If you make a mistake and make a wrong move, you will lose everything. However, do not forget that the cash ladder can also bring you huge winnings by getting it to the top of the bonus trail. Also, players need to know that in the UK the legislation determines how much cash they can win on a fruit slots.

Cash Pot

What makes the cash pot typical for fruit slot machines?The Cash Pot is typical for fruit slot machines and is a distinctive feature of the same. But not all fruit machines have this cash pot. When you play and put a higher bet the cash pot will increase. The players will wait and see when it is higher and then they could benefit from this feature most.

The Cash Pot appears during the bonus trail. It allows players to take a look at the rewards they have gathered in the game process. There is a maximum amount which is set for the cash pot. It is stipulated by the UK legislation together with the amount you can see in the cash pot and how quickly it raises. The information is correct, and there is no way to mislead anyone especially regarding online fruit machines. Moreover, playing online fruit machines offers more chances of winning larger prizes.

Repeat Feature

This is another feature which is very attractive and unique to fruit machines. To play this option, you will need to have incredibly fast reactions because you will see the words “No” and “Yes” which will flash very quickly on and off. What you need to do is press the stop button at the right moment when the word “Yes” is flashing. If your reflexes are fast enough, then you can repeat the winning feature. 

How can you tell that Repeat feature is triggered? You will see the “Yes” and “No” words flashing quickly. After that, you will get the chance to repeat certain features and wins. It is recommended to play this feature to repeat wins, and if you act quickly, you will accumulate cash very soon.

So with all that you already know about fruit slot machines, do not hesitate and start playing now!

Fruit Machines Legislation

According to the laws in the UK, fruit machines that offer awards in cash need to have bet or stake at the maximum of 30 p, and £25 is the maximum prize money for a machine. This is how most of the machines in amusement arcades, fish and chip shops and pubs work. The owners of such places need to apply to get a club venue or club gaming permit. If the owners of the sites have such machines at their places, this means that the allowed jackpot is up to £250.

There are age limit for players and also limits for betting!The 2005 UK Gambling Act determines an age limit for players and also limits for betting and the amount of the jackpot. However, the values are different regarding where the fruit machine is located. In case that an owner of a venue wants to have a fruit machine at their place the first condition they have to fulfil is to get a permit or license.

The Gambling Act also determines the payout percentage and the payout rate. The minimum payout percentage is 70 %. Compared to this, online fruit machines are leading with payout rate between 95 % and 98 %.

However, bear in mind that the laws are always changing, especially when it comes to gambling machines. If you have any doubts about the points we mentioned above, you should better ask the Gambling Commission or your local council.


The fruit machine slots are a game which will keep you entertained and will make you move. You need skills, luck and fast reaction to winning this game. Make sure you take advantage of the features we explained above and enjoy the fruit game to the fullest!

December 9th, 2021 | Dorothy A. Smith
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