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SlotsWebsites.org shall not be responsible for any misinformation expressed and implied. We don’t make any warranties for the accuracy of the information provided and that of third party websites linked to and from our website. The site will not take any legal responsibility for any error that may appear in any material on the site. The information on this server can be modified at any point without having to give prior notice. We make an effort to keep our website free of errors or omissions, in order to provide completely accurate, up to date and current information. In the case that you should find any incorrect information, please contact us.

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Players Responsibility

The visitors of the site should learn about gambling awareness. Any materials and links on this website shall be used at your own risk. SlotsWebsites.org does not take any liability for any damage or loss caused, arising directly or indirectly from the materials of this website. This includes financial or property losses, losses for your business or damages to the device, which you use to access the site (tablet, computer or smartphone).

Please be aware that all bets are subject to special terms and conditions. All odds and prices are being represented here in real time and are representative of the listed operators strictly for reference only. At no point will real money transactions occur on this website. The site shall not be held liable for any failure that is due to internet or software errors nor to the unavailability of the website.


The use or access to the betting website or to any of its products may be illegal depending on the country of residence. In respect to the legality of online gambling, the staff does not warrant the legality of access to the site. We do not provide offers or invitations to the website to subscribe to any betting or gaming institutions for those individuals who reside in a jurisdiction where online gambling is prohibited. Be sure to read about our privacy policy.

It is your responsibility to confirm that online gambling activities are allowed in the country where you reside and you meet the minimum age to gamble and read the contents of this website. It is also your responsibility to ensure you comply with the gambling laws imposed by the country, state and town of your residence.


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