The Special Gaming Feature of Autoplay Slots

What makes Autoplay Slots one of the best games you can play online? During the last decades, slot games have gained their popularity among players in both land-based and online casinos. These games offer different features, various themes, and incredible winnings and that is why players are so passionate about them. The slots feature one more component which facilitates the process of playing – they have the Autoplay option which saves time. Autoplay slots also allow players to make several spins in a definite period.

Have Some Fun While Playing on these Autoplay Slots Casinos

As technology advances so do slots, try the newest feature with Autoplay slots

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What Is The Autoplay Slot Option?

How did the machines for Autoplay slots got their name? Autoplay slot machines are given their name because of their autoplay option wich means literally what the same as the name suggests. These slots allow players to play the game more than once and spin the reels many times without triggering the button by hand. The Autoplay feature makes the game faster. This is one of the reasons why players choose these type of slots among online slot machines.

However, in some cases, the Autoplay feature should not be used. If you want to use Autoplay, you should know that you need to play the same bet from the begging until the end of the game. This means that you should not use the option provided that you intend to modify your betting amount, the number of pay lines activated, or the coin size and number of coins played in a pay line throughout the game process.

There are players who put a higher bet when they are winning, and they bet less when they are losing. In such cases, autoplay slots are not appropriate.

These slot games no only offer incredible winnings, but also give players unique entertainment. The features of the games including sound and graphics have been enhanced in the recent years. However, these slots still cannot guarantee maximum excitement.

How Does The Autoplay Feature Work?

Which are the essential components of auto play slot games? Among the essential components is the total number of auto spins. The Autoplay feature is used mainly by players playing online slots because it gives them the chance to set a specific number of spins and does not engage them further which means that the slot machine does the rest.

The slot machine will run the number of spins that was already fixed automatically. The reels will stop spinning when all the set spins are finished. Then the score of the spins will be displayed. If the player wins, they will also see the winning on the screen, and it will be accumulated to the credits of the player.

The player should set the number of spins before they push the button and activate the auto-spin option. However, all players need to know that the feature of the Autoplay Slots is not for free. Each spin is charged depending on the player‘s bet and this happens before activating the auto-spin option. In other words, the sum of each spin is taken out of the player‘s credit, and this noticeably reduces it.

Can You Play During the Game?

What choices can you make with auto play slot games? When playing autoplay slot machines players can still make some choices regarding the game. For example, in case a bonus game is entered when playing auto-spins, the bonus round will be activated. Then the player could play the game in the manner they wish. Once the bonus round is completed, the Autoplay feature will move on until the number of fixed spins is over.

The Autoplay option facilitates the game process significantly. You can access this features in the slot game settings. Some of the internet slot machines allow players to set a period for the spin which is different in different slot machines. You could also be given the option to see the spin result on the screen as this could happen after each spin or when the whole session is completed.

Should I Use Autoplay Slots?

The answer to this question comes to the answers of other two very basic questions why are you playing and what are your goals.

The auto play option is great if you are trying clear up a bonus quickly. Usually, bonuses are limiting your game selection because they are only for slots, so at some point, you would want to get through the wagering requirements in the fastest way. In this case, the fastest way is to play with the auto play option on. If you automate the process, you will work through bonus funds in a quicker and easier manner.

What possibilities does the auto play slot option give you? Another possibility of using the auto play option is if there is a progressive jackpot and you want to have the best chance to win it. The feature maximises your spins in a very short time, giving you the best chance of grabbing the prize first.

Finally, if you like to play at work or while you are running errands, but you still want to enjoy a game on the side, the auto play makes this easier. You can still play but without having to click the spin button all the time.

The Autoplay Slots feature is clearly not for everyone. If you are playing to have fun, then it is much better to be fully involved in the action. If you decide to use the auto play feature, it will skip most of not all of the special effects and animations you see during the game to save time.

If speed is your main concern, this is fine, but it will also take away a lot of the entertainment and drama which comes with every spin, and you will not be able to enjoy the sounds fully, videos and graphics most of the modern machines offer.

If you have a betting strategy, you better turn this feature off, because it forces you to bet the same amount on every spin. But you may want to raise your bets at some point; then you will need to do it manually since you cannot do anything that is too complicated when the autoplay is on.


To sum it up, auto play is a great option for any online slot machine. It is optional, so it adds value. If you want it, you are free to do use it, if you do not, you can just ignore it. Most games come with this feature as a standard option, so there is a large selection of online slots that allow you to enjoy the automatic playing fully.

December 9th, 2021 | Dorothy A. Smith
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