More Online Features With the 5-Reel Slots

5-reel slots are the most popular online video game, and it has the most exciting bonuses, interesting themes and mini-games available today. This game will satisfy even the most extravagant taste, with themes ranging from space aliens to caveman and from classic films to modern TV shows.

Ever Wonder Which are the Best 5-Reel Casinos?

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Definition: What is a Five Reel Slot?

why should you take time to bet on 5-reel slotsOne of the ways to categorize slots is by the number of reels featured in the game. The reels are the sections located vertically which start moving when you push the spin button. There are games with five, three or seven reels, which are multiplied by three or more columns to make a grid of symbols which must be organized into preset pay lines for a prize. The number of pay lines differs per game, but the standard for five reel slots are 20 pay lines.

Why Go For 5-Reel Slots?

They are the most popular type of slot machine, and there is a reason for that. These slots feature exciting video opening, fun animations, frequent bonus mini-games and much more. The five reel slots we play today have nothing in common with the old three reel mechanical machines of the past.

What is the Payout?

what can the 5-reel slots offer to the punters The chances of winning are bigger in five reels because they create more winning combinations. The payouts are determined by the chip in the game, so with this one, the small wins will be much more frequent than the big ones much less so. Luck is what you need to win big, regardless of the number of reels on the game.

The promised payout for a game is the same, no matter who plays and for how long. This is because of the random number generators you will find in all slots. However, the more you play the closer, you will get to the highest advertised payout of the slot.

If you play Max Bet, you will increase your chances of winning a decent jackpot, and you should do it on most of your spins. Some people play for the fun, but the ones who are after the big prizes know, that their chances increase if they bet the maximum on some games.

What is Better 5 reel or 3-reel Slots?

Although they have their true fans, 3-reel slots feel to many players like relics. On the other hand, the 5 reel slots have become, if not the newest, the most popular variant among online gamblers. The board with the 5 reel games is larger, which means the chances to win are more diverse. There are many games featuring up to 25 pay lines to gamble on.

Advantages of the 5 Reel Slot Machines:

  • Obviously, the 5 reel slot games have more reels and pay lines, so the ways to win are also more. Also, the payouts are more regular.
  • On these slots, players will enjoy more bonuses like bonus rounds, free spins, wild and scatter symbols as well as progressive jackpots, mini-games and other options to win a lot of money on a single play.
  • Generally, the 5-reel slots are also video slots, so the graphics are quite exciting. In some games, you will also find clips from the movies they are based on, creating an environment that 3 reel games lack.

The best 5-reel slots you can play are Mega Moolah, The Dark Knight and Thunderstruck II. Here’s a short description of the gaming features for each game:

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah - the most popular 5-reel slot machine!This is probably the most popular 5-reel slot machine. It is a progressive slot created by Microgaming and has a reputation for million dollar payouts. One of the best benefits that this game offers is a great bonus round. Definitely a good choice for players who want to feel a real thrill of the game.

The Dark Knight

This video game of slots offers the most advanced graphics around. It is based on a Hollywood blockbuster and has a fairly unique board. The Dark Knight has a progressive jackpot which is linked to other games to create massive paydays.

Thunderstruck II

Microgaming did a great job with their first game, so the updated second version did not take much time before hitting the web. This game is based on another online hit game. What players like most about it are the four different free spin rounds that they can unlock.


what are the advantages to play 5-reel slot games Picking the best slot machine does not need to be a hard task. The 5-reel games feature consistent payout and a greater variety of ways to win compared to other slots. It does not matter if you finally choose to play a 5-reel or 3-reel game, the final result on your wallet will generally be the same, so it comes down to your personal taste and what type of game you would enjoy most.

Everyone has their own idea of what the ideal slot is, but you will never make a mistake if you choose five reel slots. With great features like multiple bonuses, videos scatter symbols and interactive games; these slots will have something great to offer to any slot enthusiasts.

More Types

If 5 reel slots are not up your alley, you should check out your other options.

Common slot reels variations

which are the most common slot reels variations
  • 3 Reel (classic slots, suitable for players with traditional taste )
  • 6 Reel (alternative variant of standard game with potential for big wins)
  • 7 Reel (for players who want more and like 3 and 5 reels slots)
October 15th, 2019 | Dorothy A. Smith
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