Learn What are the Best Slot Games for Android

Nowadays there are great slot games for android, customers, and slots fans can enjoy on various devices like smartphones, tablets, and others. The android casino applications are specially designed to run on this operating system, offering an incredible gaming experience.

The Top Android Casinos Ranked

If you are wondering which are the best casinos for Android, you have come to the right place.

Casino Bonus Android Games QR Link
Diamond Reels
4.4, KitKat 327
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Cherry Jackpot
4.1, Jelly Bean 220
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4.1, Jelly Bean 250
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4.1, Jelly Bean 200
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Ignition Casino
4.4, KitKat 203
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Sloto Cash
4.1, Jelly Bean 200
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Uptown Aces
4.4, KitKat 25
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Red Stag Casino
4.4, KitKat 150
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Fair Go Casino
5.0, Lollipop 180
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Miami Club Casino
2.3, Gingerbread 210
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Desert Nights
4.1, Jelly Bean 160
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A large number of reputable online casinos have added mobile offerings for Android. This is the second most used operating system after iOS, so reaching this public is important for every respected casino.

One of the features online gambling sites promote heavily is their selection of games. Variety is essential, so there should be a broad range of titles: different themes, bet ranges, some penny games and more expensive machines, options for progressive bets and other available features.

Since slot player value variety the iOS system is not the best choice since it limits the devices players can use as well as the game offers. Users will get only whatever Apple chooses to release. On the contrary, the Android platform runs on many different brands of gadgets. It can be a Samsung, HTC or some other phone or tablet as long as it is compatible with Android. Apple’s hardware is amazing, but they cannot match the variety of gadgets the whole industry produces.

So, the Android OS is a great match for people who want to have a huge selection of games to choose from, and they can play on many different devices.

Below we will tell you more about the android casino and the Android slots available on the market. And we will also give you some reasons why you should choose these games and the Android platform.

Android Casino Applications Online

How to enjoy Android casino applications online?If players want to enjoy slot machines or other casino games on their tablets or smartphones, they need to look for an appropriate application first. The number of such apps is huge, especially knowing that every casino is focused on developing the latest technology to run on the most up to date mobile devices.

With some of these apps, players can play instant games on their smartphones and other mobile devices. They do not need to download or install any software, which is a significant advantage.

One of the best things about these slots mobile applications is that they are free. So, with some of them, players do not even need to make the first deposit to play. Some slots apps are completely free, so players can download them on their phones or tablets and spin them free of charge. At some apps, users can purchase some chips, but the game itself is free.

NetEnt Innovative Technology

Technology is developing so fast, that sometimes it is hard for us to realize it. Technical progress also pushed online casinos and game providers to develop better software to make playing faster and much more entertaining.

NetEnt has created an innovative touch technology which does exactly that. NetEnt is one of the most successful casino and gaming software providers and a pioneer when it comes to apps for iOS and Android devices.

The NetEnt Touch technology is a product which focuses on both high quality and speed with a great, user-friendly environment.

Slot Apps on Mobile Devices

Android customers can access more Slot apps on mobile devices!Android customers can access more apps for download, which allows for a bigger selection of casinos and better quality games. Apple restricts any games with real money betting in most markets.

There is one more way in which Android gives users more variety, and this is by allowing them to play instantly or via an app on their phone.

Apple has decided not to support Flash on their gadgets and disallowed the use of gambling apps, so thanks to this decision many games and features are not accessible via an iOS device.

Android Slots vs. Other Slots

If a player is used to play slots online, then the Android casino will be familiar. Players can choose between real cash bets or real money, so you can try out new casino titles or learn to play another game like baccarat or blackjack.

At the mobile slot games for Android, players will also find loyalty and bonus programs just like the traditional casinos. The reputable mobile slot sites will also have a customer service department you can contact in various ways via e-mail, Skype, phone.

There is a great variety in table and slot titles for Android, and its time it will grow further. Larger casinos running on Android have libraries of both casino classics and unique games to their platform.

Can online casino players quickly switch to Android mobile slots?If you are online casino players, you can quickly switch to mobile slots and if you use the Android OS devices – some people will prefer Apple and others will be more comfortable on Windows. The Android and Windows devices and operating systems have a lot in common. There are even some features of online gambling which run better on some Windows phones.

For the fans of Apple, we can say that there are very few situations in which Android does not outperform iOS regarding casino gambling.

The iPad has a larger screen, and some players say that the fact that you can customize the touch screen makes it a better device for playing slots.

Convenience is a priority when it comes to mobile slots, and some casinos do a better job of imitating known online gambling options than others. The bigger the share of Android devices on the market, the more mobile platforms will cater to that audience.

Players should consider pairing their mobile gambling app or site with an Android device for a greater variety of casinos, slots and player options. In the smart device industry, the two biggest names are Apple and Android. The fans of both brands discuss their pros and cons actively online on forums, blogs, and social media. But regarding users, both platforms have huge numbers of active systems on different devices.

Android vs. Apple

While Apple has more reports of active usership, Android has more phones in circulation, and the numbers are showing a steady increase in the users and outpacing the iPhone’s statistics. User’s Reviews for Android and iOS are quite similar in the things they praise. Android’s software updates have cute names of delicious desserts, which can be compared to the cuteness of the iOS update release names. Both operating systems are good, so players should really focus on the game and not some much on the operating system. They both offer enough fun and games to choose from.

Top Rated Slot Games for Android

The Android slot games are no different than other apps you can download. Some of them are free, other give you the opportunity to buy chips to play longer, but all of these guarantee a great gaming experience and maximum fun.

Below we have listed the best slots for android that players can find online.

Slot Casino Games

Slot Casino is one of the most popular and downloaded game apps for Android devices (almost 10 million downloads). In this game players can create their own set of virtual slots, win amazing prizes and huge jackpots. There are 40 pay lines in total that players can spin at the same time while taking part in different tournaments which take place every week.

Farm Casino

The Farm Casino application offers fantastic gaming experience!This application offers fantastic gaming experience and a lot of fun, combined with colorful themes about farm life. If you download this app, you will be able to get coins, play bonus rounds and participate in competitions with your Facebook friends and these are only part of all the excellent features you will have access to if you download the application. This is a 5-reel slot with multiple pay lines which also features different wild and scatter symbols, free spins, and other extras.

Fruit Slots

This is a great game in the casino which is a little bit more specific. It is available only for smartphones and features a total of 10 betting symbol items, and each of them brings a different bonus multiplier.

KaChing Slots

This is an app with fantastic sound effects, high-end graphics and amazing special features which make it one of the most-preferred on the Internet. Here players will find a massive multiplayer option which means they can play against different people during the game. This feature is rare and players will not find it in many slots games.

Tourney Slots

Tourney Slots is one of the newer games for Android!This is one of the newer slot games for Android on the market. It is rated very highly by many players, and it has a lot of reviews. This app was created to utilize the entire screen of the mobile device and thus make the player focus only on the game. The social features of the app are great as players can invite their friends from the social networks and give them credits.


Mobile Gambling opens the door to a whole new experience which is convenient, offers a large choice and new, exciting ways to enjoy your favorite games. Even if you are a fan of some of the competitor brands, definitely give the casinos on Android a try. You will see that the variety of slots for android will exceed your expectations.

Other devices

Here you can find information about the rest of the operating systems.

Mobile operating systems

mobile platforms representing image
  • iOS (the best design around – simple, polished and modern)
  • Windows Phone (full of features, user-friendly, Microsoft Office support)
  • Blackberry (physical keyboard and focus on top security)
  • Kindle (your library is with you everywhere and easy to carry)

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