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The theme that loyalty slots machines operate on is familiar both in online and land-based casinos. These slots are easy and fun. You need to collect symbols which land on the reels and illuminate particular rectangles on the line. Once all symbols get illuminated the loyalty jackpot can be won.

What is a Loyalty Slot Machine?

Every loyalty slot machine has specific features to encourage players to stick to that particular machine and continue playing. In other words, they make sure you stay loyal to the game, and the important thing to remember is that the more you play, the more chances you have to win the jackpot.

There are also some nice bonuses, but you will need to trigger certain bonus feature to get one. This is not the regular way bonus features are usually triggered because the symbols are collected over several spins, so you need to keep playing until you collect all the symbols before the bonus feature is activated.

What you need to consider

Consider that land-based casinos have a loyalty slot machine!Most land-based casinos have a loyalty slot machine and features, but you need to remember to collect enough tokens at the ready to play a loyalty slot machine.

If there are 6 loyalty symbols in a slot machine and a player has collected 4 so far, they are on the way to trigger the loyalty bonus and win extra prizes. But if they run out of tokens they will have to visit the cashier.

However, something else can happen, which is that someone else suddenly starts playing on the machine and with 2 more loyalty symbols they will get all the benefits of the previous player’s wager. So prepare yourself if you want to avoid this situation.

Online Loyalty Slots Machines

The best thing about the online loyalty slot machines is that the situation we described above is impossible. No one can hop on your slot if you visit the cashier and there are plenty of games available to play online.

You will need to continue playing until you become eligible for the prize. If you want to give these slots a try, you can start with Light Speed or Star Catcher. Another option is the game Its Good To Be Bad, which is a 3 reel classic online slot and you need to bet all 3 coins to play, you also can get free spins from your losing spins. You can also check Super Diamond Mine where a player who collects 99 diamonds wins special prizes in the bonus game.

Loyalty Cards and Casinos

The concept of the loyalty slots is similar to the casino loyalty cards we are more or less familiar with. Once a player gets a loyalty card, they can swipe it at a slot machine or a table before starting the game. The card then keeps track of all the money the player is betting. In Las Vegas where most casinos are in hotels these cards are used to collect loyalty points, and then the players get rewards like extra nights at the hotel, concert tickets or other goodies!

Do loyalty cards give Players staying in Las Vegas many casino options?Players staying in Las Vegas have many casino options. Usually, the casinos in the city are in hotels, but even if a player is not a guest at a particular hotel nothing stops them from visiting and playing at other venues, that is why casinos are trying to persuade their hotel guests to play in their casino using loyalty cards.

If a player uses their loyalty card in the casino, it is meant for they may receive an additional reward, a better room, and extra nights in the hotel or tickets for a show or a movie. This also means the next time the player is in town they will return to the same hotel and casino.

The same scheme is used by online casinos. The more you play, the more rewards and bonuses you will get. Online casinos are digital and the incentives can be different.

How do they Payout?

You can get your loyalty jackpot if you collect a given number of icons during your slot playing session. Once the player collects the required amount, the jackpot will be paid out, or a bonus round will get triggered. Players need to go through the loyalty bonus game to get paid in the end.

Loyalty Slot Jackpots

The more you play, the bigger the chance for a reward, which most of the time is an exclusive side feature we know as the loyalty jackpot. Normally, this works as icons are being collected throughout the game. Each time a jackpot-related icon appears on one of the reels it will be marked on a spot on the slot which will be visible and will be related to the jackpot.

Once the player collects all the icons needed the jackpot will be hit, and the player will walk away with a reward. Some loyalty slots can even save your progress even when you have exited the game. This is to keep you coming back to improve your current status and play some more.

This may sound familiar. Multi-level slots are similar to loyalty slots, or they can even be classified as such.

Loyalty Bonus Game

We have already mentioned the loyalty slot bonus game, but we will share more details about it below.

Are slot bonus games on the same principle used to pay out the loyalty jackpot?The bonus game is triggered on the same principle used to pay out the loyalty jackpot. As soon as a player reaches the required level, the bonus game will begin.

Obviously, slots offer a flurry of bonus games, so the extra round can be anything. The bonus also depends on the type of slot one is playing, video, classic or live slots.

If you are looking for the most graphically intense bonus game, you will find them on video slots. Standard live slots are not video based but may have a bonus which is a skill stop on the reels or a bonus operated by a random button to allow the player to make their own choice.

Progressive Jackpot

There are slots that come with a progressive jackpot as the loyalty or side jackpot, but they are rarely found online. You can see them in the live casinos in Vegas. The Vegas progressive jackpot slots give you more than one reason to continue playing. First, you are building up loyalty points, second the possibility to win an ever growing progressive jackpot and finally, there is the loyalty jackpot you can hit if you play the slot for long enough.

Progressive jackpots are very popular because the jackpots continue to grow higher rather than staying fixed at a certain amount. Each time a player makes a deposit for playing slots a percentage of the cash goes to the progressive jackpot until someone wins the huge prize.


There are some slots which are not loyalty slots all the time. They are a standard slot like Tomb Rider or Mega Moolah, but they are used to give away additional loyalty points for the day, week or month of the promotion. If you play this slot, you are likely to win double and even triple loyalty point for every bet during the promotional period.


As with any other slot, loyalty slots are offered in multiple themes!As with any other slot, loyalty slots are offered in multiple themes. Some slots even come with a multi-level gameplay which is saved even when you exit the game. This is a good way to keep players interested in the slot because the excitement of progressing to a new level gives players an interactive and fun game experience.

A slot we would highly recommend is Merlin’s Millions. It is a slot with a multi-level gameplay. You can save the progress from each level and so when you revisit the game you will start playing at the level you managed to reach in previous sessions. Each new level brings better prizes giving players plenty of motivation to keep on pushing forward.


All in all, slots are made for true fans of the game. The same people who love playing the slots and enjoy all the excitement and strategic thinking it comes with. The loyalty slots are based on an accumulative system, so the more you play the more icons you collect. The result is that they can either trigger a bonus round or the loyalty jackpot. Once you collect the required amount, the slot will pay out the prize.

Players can also use existing loyalty points to play slots. If you play online, the best will be deducted from the loyalty point balance you have achieved, while in live casinos – they are tracked on a casino loyalty card. It is used to earn points via all kinds of monetary exchange at the casino it can be a dinner or gambling.

There are slots that award extra points for playing a given slot within a pre-determined promotional period. In short loyalty, slots are designed for those who love to play slots and enjoy the feeling they get rewarded for their dedication.

If you like to stick with a single game for a while and enjoy all it offers the loyalty slots are a great option for you. You will not only have lots of fun, but you will also get some awesome prizes for being loyal and sticking with the same game. No matter if you decide to play online or offline we wish you good luck!

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