Use the Safe Payment Options of the MoneyGram Casinos

MoneyGram Casinos rely on the International company for money transfers of the same name. They originated from Dallas Texas, and their Branch office is in Minneapolis. In fact, MoneyGram International Inc. has been in the business of Financial Services since 1940. Currently, they provide money transfer services along with payment services, official check services, electronic bill payments and traditional money orders.

Of all the Services provided by MoneyGram, the one that would be of most interest to you is, of course, the money transfer service. This service will allow you to transfer money to your chosen Casino without the need to interfere with your bank. The basic purpose of this page is to let you know how to do this and to provide you with information about the online casinos accepting MoneyGram as a payment option.

MoneyGram casinos for players from the US

One of the advantages of MoneyGram is the fact that it is one of the very few options for American players to fund their online casino accounts. There is a list of online casinos accepting US customers that accept Moneygram, and some of them are Casino Titan which is powered by RTG or Real Time Gaming and Bovada, which is powered by RTG as well.

What type of service does MoneyGram offer?

Take advantage of the MoneyGram payment service! MoneyGram allows customers to send money to various locations worldwide. There are more than 100 countries you can send money to, places from Zimbabwe to Afghanistan. The only thing you need to do is to choose a particular country under “send to”, select a particular service under “receive option” and then enter the amount in US dollars. In case you use your debit or credit card, the funds will arrive within just a few minutes if you use the same day service.

In case you use your bank account, funds usually take around three days to clear with the use of economy service. You may logically Wonder what is the reason to use such a company when their fees are concerned. The answer is that an additional layer of security is added to your internet transactions. When you use MoneyGram International, it is ensured that neither the sender nor the recipient will suffer from fraud, stolen Bank information or stolen identity.

Visit Classic and Visa debit

Does MoneyGram offer special Banking options? Also, MoneyGram international corporation issues its own Visa Classic Credit Cards & Visa debit cards. If you use some of these cards, you can visit a location of MoneyGram agent to send money on the internet for a 1% fee, which means that for example, $800 transfer will come with an eight dollars fee.

MoneyGram has its network of around 300000 money transfer agents all over the world, and this makes their service convenient. The structure of their feet undercuts the normal fees of other money transfer companies such as PayPal, which can be as high as three percent.

The Rewards program by MoneyGram

MoneyGram offers a Loyalty Rewards program. Whenever you reach one thousand rewards points, you are considered a platinum member. Such members will earn twenty-five percent more per single transaction. For example, a cash transfer of $0.01 to fifty dollars will earn you fifty reward points, while a cash transfer of fifty dollars and one cent and more will earn you one hundred and twenty-five points. In case you make a transaction that involves three hundred dollars or more you will earn twenty-five bonus points added to the regular one hundred and twenty-five. The casino affiliates can earn the one thousand rewards points quite quickly this way and cover their fees cost in most situations.

The money transfers made by MoneyGram

What are the benefits of MoneyGram trnasfers? We have already mentioned just a few of the positive aspects. There are some other services and products provided by MoneyGram which include special business solutions, prepaid cards, receiver account setup, money orders, agent reports and pre-paid money transfers. You can pay your bill, receive funds in your card, reload a prepaid card and even add some minutes to your mobile phone.

In fact, if you get paid for affiliate efforts by MoneyGram, you may as well get paid in a certain way that is suitable to other aspects of your life and will offer you advantages beyond the mere payment. In case you make electronic money transfers anyway, you may as well make those transfers and take advantage of all the benefits.

Statistics about MoneyGram International Corporation

It is possible that you have not heard of MoneyGram International, but it should not make you assume that it is an unsubstantial operation. Moneygram is the second biggest company for cash transfers in the whole world. MGI operates in nearly two hundred countries all over the globe and comes with more than two hundred and fifty thousand agent locations.

The company is largely owned by Thomas H. Lee Partners – 53% and Goldman Sachs – 29%. This is the reason why the classic headquarters in Minneapolis were moved to Dallas, although the IT centre of excellence and the global operation in Minneapolis, along with the Denver Call Center continue to operate.

So, as a conclusion of this article, we can honestly say that when you use MoneyGram, you have access to one of the largest, oldest and most secure worldwide services for electronic money transfers. When it comes to the gaming industry, it is pretty much all you need. Thank you for reading our page about MoneyGram online casinos.

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October 15th, 2019 | Dorothy A. Smith
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