The International Banking Methods of the Wire Transfer Casinos

Wire transfer casinos are a safe and secure way for making and receiving Internet payments immediately. When payments are made to internet gamblers with the use of a wire transfer, the identity of the account holder is confirmed, and essentially, there is a guarantee for the sent funds. Because of this, the possibility for fraud with bank transfer approaches the minimum. This payment method is known as a bank transfer or EFT – electronic funds transfer.

Which are the internet casinos that accept bank transfers?

Almost any online casino that is out there will provide you with the option to use a bank transfer. This provides the online casino with a decent and safe way for paying you back with a minimum hassle. All of the internet casinos listed on this page will provide you with this payment option. For the fans of Poker gambling, sports betting along with casino gambling, most of the internet card rooms and sportsbooks will give you the opportunity to use wire transfers when you have to make a withdrawal of your winnings.

To assure our readers that their selected online casinos provide them with this option, we have done the job of verifying with these online casinos that they provide an availability of Bank transfers for cashing out. In addition to the thousands of internet gambling websites that use English as an available language and also accept players from the United Kingdom, these reputable websites will allow bank transfers when the time comes to withdraw your winnings.

Bank wire transfers for making internet Casino deposits

The wire transfer process puts funds straight into your banking account, thus allowing for secure withdrawals from internet casinos. A lot of the websites provide the bank transfer option for making withdrawals, but they don’t provide it for deposits. This is the opposite of the majority of methods of payment, which are more likely to either allow payments only or with withdrawals.

Some people joke that internet casinos just want to make it easy for you to make a deposit by providing more options for it and want to make it more difficult for you to withdraw your money by providing more limited options for it. In reality, this is not the case.

It is simply that online casinos, web wallets and the credit card companies are a little nervous when they have to decide on the options for withdrawals and the reason is that a big number of government authorities are not too fond on gamblers being paid by internet Casino interests. As a consequence, there are more payment options for deposits.

When it comes to bank wire transfers, however, this is not the case. Unless you get your money through a Visa card or the e-wallet company Neteller, a big number of casinos do not provide you with many other options. Since there are people who do not want excess money or credit card fees in their e-wallets, they have a preference toward sending money to the bank instead.

Processing delays for internet casino wire transfers

On this Wire Transfer Casinos page, we should say that one essential reason some people might not like the transfers is the delays in getting payment. The reputable Casino websites do not like it when their users get tricked by identity thieves, and they do not like to give payments to those thieves, and as a consequence, the security staff at the majority of the legal online casinos go through the stringent process with each single payment. As a result, it is quite likely that you have to face a two to five days delays when you get a bank transfer, sometimes even more. In some situations, these delays are not caused by the online casino but by the process of verification at your bank.

How can you make a wire transfer online? There is a curiosity on behalf of financial institutions when they stumble upon a company name that appears exotic or new, and they sometimes delay payments to verify the legitimacy of the transaction. Because of this, you will quite often find that online casinos suggest a forty-eight to seventy-two hours or two to ten days as the likely time for completing a payment.

or example, taking a look at the frequently asked questions at Roxy Palace Casino, we saw that their expected time for delay is seventy-two hours. Internet casinos quite often inflate the estimates to avoid an abundance of angry users complaining about their delays, but you will normally receive your payments between twenty-four and forty-eight hours. Let us proceed further on our page about Wire Transfer Casinos.

The transaction fees the come with wire transfers

Another disadvantage to bank transfers as an option for withdrawal is the extra fees. There are bank checks and bank transfers that may cost you up to thirty-five dollars for larger amounts of money. Those fees substantially take away from your money so many users have a tendency of avoiding them. Fortunately, the majority of Internet casinos will not charge you with such transaction fees, but it is always best to make sure before choosing this option.

Electronic funds transfer

Do all types of wire transfers run smoothly? The EFT was mentioned earlier. This paperless mechanism of payment is the virtual cousin of the regular wire transfer, but we have a special list of websites when it comes to transactions in this category. Most of these websites are Lottery and bingo sites, but some of them are online casinos.

In case you are looking exclusively for electronic funds transfer internet Casino which provides an extra layer of security for the banks in your location, we decided to provide you with a list of the casino websites you should look for. The majority of them is powered by Microgaming. The Microgaming sites that use electronic funds transfer are Grand Mondial Casino, Jackpots in a Flash Casino, Casino Kingdom, Nostalgia and Golden Tiger Casino.

Some other casinos that use this payment method are Omni Casino and Crown Europe Casino from Playtech, Kingdom Casino & Sportsbook from Evolution Gaming and Cake Gaming, BetUS Com Casino from DGS and Sloto Cash Casino from RTG.

The use of an instant wire transfer

Another similar method of payment is the instant wire transfer. It is almost the same as the regular wire transfer, but the process of verification is a bit different. The difference is that the instant wire transfer get an almost immediate Bank verification and the payment clears instantly. This means that instead of having to wait between two and three days, you can get your wire transfer immediately.

Is there an option for an instant wire transfer? To be able to use this method of payment, internet casinos require to make this transfer through your bank and then report your account details and transaction details to the Gaming website which is supposed to proceed the payment. After you follow this procedure, your instant deposit is completed.

The online casinos powered by the software of Playtech are those that are most up-to-date when it comes to such transfers. If you have no desire if using an e-wallet and you also don’t wish to transfer money from an internet Casino with the use of your credit card account, but you would like to make an immediate transfer, this means that the instant wire transfer available at one of these websites is most likely your most suitable option.

Please keep in mind that you will need to start the transaction on your behalf, so your Casino and your bank are both aware that it is you that have requested the money. Except for this slight nuisance, this is an instant and problem-free payment method.

Options for making a wire transfer

The bank wire transfer provides you with a completely different way to get a payment straight into your account. In our opinion, the E-Check Process is not safe enough, takes too much time and comes with a higher fee. Therefore, the bank wire transfer is the most suitable way for assuring you get your money transferred straight into your bank account. If you decide to use one of our listed websites, you are presented with the ability to receive your money immediately. The bank wire transfer and the electronic fund’s transfer are often forgotten when the time comes for making withdrawals, but we strongly advise you to keep it in mind. Thank you for reading our page about wire transfer online casinos.

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