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Gambling in the United States has always been a questionable topic when it comes to online casino USA. Its status is still unclear to many people. Are online casinos in the USA legal or not? This challenging question comes from the fact that each state is regulated by its unique laws, which are quite indefinite and are open to more than one interpretation.

Throughout the years, the position of online casinos in the US has gradually developed. For many years, there were no US friendly online casinos by accepted standards or rules. Unfortunately, offshore websites were another alternative to the people who wanted to play slots or poker. Extreme measures were taken in 2011 when the Black Friday incident occurred. All offshore websites were considered against the law; they were banned, and all the accounts were blocked.

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Nowadays, online casinos are gaining popularity and are accepted throughout the country. First and foremost, online gambling is not restricted by any Federal law. However, players can be faced with other legislative limitations, which will be described later in the following article. Legal proceedings against players are hardly possible regardless the fact that the states have their legal system. Their main intention is to regulate operators, not individual bettors.

The good news is that the idea of US-friendly online casinos is getting more and more popular, no matter the rapid increase of land-based casinos in the country. The first big step was made in February 2013, when the state of New Jersey legalized online gambling. More and more states are expected to follow this tendency and regulations are getting modified. Eight other states are said to have bills in the pipeline. Until then, users based in the USA can easily find online casinos to play legally their favorite games.

What do you know about the betting laws in the USA? Having emphasized on the fact that there are no prosecutions against players betting online, it is true that online casino websites in the USA are prohibited from accepting a sports bet online (referring to Federal Wire Act of 1961).

No sports event or contest betting are allowed via a wire communication. All ‘games of chance’ including casino games and poker were thought to be part of the list until 2011 when the Department of Justice modified this statement to only ‘sporting event or contest’.

Another milestone for residents of US is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which claims that bank and payment processors transactions related to online gambling are illegal. To clarify this, gamers are allowed to make transactions, but banks and other services cannot support withdrawals and deposits. Therefore, there is no problem to use online casinos in North America, but making transactions for them must be avoided.

Top names in the online gambling business like Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars continued to promote their online casino in the USA sites throughout the country until Black Friday, 2011. After this date, they were charged as illegal with criminal offenses of money laundering. This led to the cancellation of all users accounts. A considerable fee had to be paid to the US Department of Justice for the companies to get their names cleared out. Moreover, the sites had to compensate all users who suffered from the incident.

The most important outcome was the inevitable demolish of the online gambling reputation. The industry suffered from a huge break down in the minds of the residents of the US. Currently, the states are allowed to decide the legal status of online gambling on their own. The government gave a green light to each state to make its regulations and laws regarding the industry. Many state authorities took advantage of this freedom with Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey heading the list.

Online Gambling and Online Slot Games in the USA

Try to play casino games at a US betting site! Nowadays, there is a tendency that the main center of interest is online poker, not online slot games on the web. This is why the highest percentage of bills introduced in the state legislative houses and most effort goes to making online poker legal. The focus of the officials is to pay bills within the states, so the idea of online casinos for the US seems more and more possible.

There is one obstacle, though. Making online casinos in America legal carries the risk that children can get involved in gaming. This is a possibility that needs serious consideration, and the officials have taken it into account.

Some of the states that are currently working to fulfill the idea of online casinos for the US are the state of Massachusetts and the state of Illinois. Still, online casinos in those states are not legal but many residents whose passion is online gambling, have devoted much time and effort to legalize online gambling in both states.

Luckily, the state of Illinois can count on the assistance of Senator John Cullerton. He has already approved many bills and showed his support to realizing the project. He recognizes the potential of the industry, and according to his words, it will be extremely beneficial to the state government. Not only this but having in mind the strong urge for online casinos in the US, the senator of Illinois has given a serious consideration and put the idea as a priority.

The most recent news is that Senator John Cullerton and his colleagues are preparing a preliminary version of a bill on the legalization of online gambling within the state. More details regarding the subject are yet to be announced. Specialists are saying that this step will give operators the opportunity to obtain licenses from the state authorities. This will cost to companies approximately $20 million. Once fully licensed, they will be obliged to pay a yearly tax on their gross earning. After a five-year period in which the license will be valid, companies have to renew it paying a high tax once again.

As to the state of Massachusetts, same steps must be followed to make online gambling legal. The difference there will be the taxation and licensing rates. Latest reports have it that a 20 percent on their entire revenue of game providers will be obtained as well as $150,000 to renew their license which will again be valid for five years.

Options Regarding Online Casino USA

Are there many games at the US casino operators? If you are currently located in New Jersey, bear in mind that playing at casino websites is possible only if you are over 21 years. However, there are sites that accept residents aged 18 and above but be aware that they are offshore and are not under US jurisdiction. So, a good piece of advice is to get familiar with the local state laws for age restrictions.

The list of online casinos for US players goes long. Still, many of them are based offshore, and the players’ funds or withdrawals are not protected or regulated by any US law. This makes it important to choose a website with a reputable name in the business. Make sure it is well-known, a trustworthy casino that has a long and clear background, valid license and solid reputation.

Making a registration is often quite easy and can be done with few clicks, requiring personal details such as name and address. The only obstacle that you might face is making deposits to your accounts because residents of the US can choose between fewer options than those in most other countries.

The easiest and most convenient way is to use a credit card. Visa, Mastercard or AMEX are accepted in some of the best casinos out there like Uptown Aces, Slotocash and Silver Oak Casino, which we highly recommend. If a credit card is not an option for you, then take advantage of Western Union and Moneygram as other alternatives. Regarding withdrawing money, there is no doubt that using bank wire or check is most effortless.

The Near Future of Gambling in the USA

The legislative transformation in the USA is happening at a fast rate, so be sure that you are up-to-speed with the latest news in your home state since this article will cover the status of online betting in the USA at the time of writing.

Currently, all eyes are on New Jersey since its case sets a precedent for other states involving the same question of law. The Governor Chris Christie claims that their groundbreaking steps will lead to $1bn in revenue and 17% taxation. This estimation is yet to be approved, and it is a matter of time that other states will follow Christie`s footsteps. Not only that, but it is suggested that by the end of 2020 most states will accept USA friendly online casinos. An exception is the state of Washington, where online gambling is completely prohibited. This makes it highly important that you verify the laws in your neighborhood before playing.

Playing Real Money Slots

Would you wager money on US slot games online? Playing online slot games is becoming more and more famous among gamers in the US. However, there are states which have not legalized them yet. For example, users can enjoy legal poker in Nevada and Delaware, but playing real money casino games is not possible.

The good news is that free slot games are easy to find as there is a great variety of networks on offer. Not only that, users can take the opportunity and play them in the palm of their hands, using their mobile devices.

If you are interested in slot games, then you may find it intriguing to know that this year, Slotocash Casino has been granted with the award for the best slots site. Its leading position was earned by a wide margin. This is no surprise, as they offer the safest, fun, and exciting gameplay.

Also, they provide the largest variety of thrilling games in the US market, around the clock customer service and the fastest cashout times. This casino achieved the level that all should look up to. Sincere compliments to Slotocash.

Mobile Friendly Casino Sites in the USA

Currently, due to the high demand, some of the top among the slot game software companies are releasing sites that work perfectly on Android and iOS operating systems. People are even given a chance to play with real money at an online casino in the USAon their mobile.

Making Deposit on a Casino Site

To make a deposit to online casinos in the USA is fairly easy, simply use your credit or debit card. Currently, people located in the US use the offshore website or social network (e.g. Facebook) to play real money slot games. A good piece of advice is to check each website deposit policy, as they have their personalized rates, so to make the best bet first make a comparison before registering into one. Also, bear in mind the promotional offers that each website provides.

Registering and Playing

How players can register at an US gambling operator? As mentioned previously, there are little casinos in the North America that are fully licensed. However, most of them offer free games that you can choose from. To emphasize again, there is an age restriction of 21 years to play even the free games. Bear in mind that, to register and make an authorized account some personal information has to be submitted. It may include details of residence proofs, age proofs, and social security number.

USA Crypto Currency

Considering the added anonymity, there are many online casino websites in the USA which accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. You may not be familiar with this new currency, but you should know that it is virtual and it is regulated by law differently than other currencies. Its advantage is that it is anonymous and this is why it is highly preferred amongst players for gambling transactions. Luckily, it is fairly easy to find sites that accept Bitcoins and buying Bitcoins with a normal payment method to fund your account should not be trouble at all.

Avoiding Online Frauds

Of course, there are online casino sites in the USA that must be avoided. US laws and regulations regarding online gambling make it difficult for residents to bet online. Unfortunately, modifications and improvements in the industry happen very slowly. Even though there are plenty of safe online casinos on offer for US players, there are also numerous badly reputed sites that do not pay the granted prizes but accept deposits. Since US residents do not have the US legislation on their side, they must be extremely careful to avoid being tricked or getting into a dangerous situation.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to double check the casino`s license, read through their policies and gather as much information as possible before making a bet. Sounds too much? Rest easy knowing that we have covered the first and foremost USA-friendly online casinos on this site. You can be sure that these sites appearing here will be the best the gambling industry can offer. Fair play!

Other Countries

In this section, you will be able to find information about the current legislation rules in the country of your particular interest.

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December 9th, 2021 | Dorothy A. Smith
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