Reasons to Gamble at Online Casino New Zealand

New Zealand has legalised gambling long ago and all the online casino New Zealand operators are a popular pastime for much of the adults in the country. According to a report from 2012, the yearly revenue generated by the Lottery Commission, the New Zealand Racing Board and the gaming operators has reached above 2 bn NZD.

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The country has an excellent way to deal with gambling so that it has a positive impact on the community. How? This is done by distributing a proportion of the money which is gambled in the clubs and pubs through the country and invested back into the community. This system works very well for pokies.

Would you bet at a New Zealand casino operator? All the pokies are owned by corporate societies, which pay a fixed amount to venues to host the machines. Part of the money is the returned to these corporate communities, and various community groups can apply for funding from them. In this way, the society gets around 200 million NZD in this pay, simply because the nation likes to play pokies.

Playing online casinos is also popular although operators are not allowed to run online casinos within the borders of the country. However, residents of the country can play online as long as the online casino is hosted offshore. There are also no restrictions for foreign operators to run online casinos in NZ. This part is regulated by the 2003 Gambling Act. This approach has created a great environment to play with an excellent choice for all the players.

Slots Betting Online in New Zealand

The number of casinos in New Zealand and slot machines are on a constant rise. And the variety is huge; you can enjoy one, three, five or several line slots and pick a game that best suits your taste. Players can also choose from a lot of cool themes and amazing bonus features for all who decide to have a go at the slot machines.

  • Reasons to wager online on New Zealand slots games! New Zealand players have access to several different kinds of slots on the internet including progressive, bonus, single and multi pay line slots.
  • The online casino operators across the country accept wagers from all citizens and residents and in different currencies like pounds, euro, US, and Australian dollars.
  • Players can rely on a great customer support if you have any questions or comments regarding online slots and you can contact them at any time of the day.
  • Slots can be accessed and played directly from the browser but to be able to enjoy a bigger selection of games and better user experience go ahead and download the software.

Below we will tell you in more details about the online operators in NZ, and we will also share which are the best kiwi casinos, which are worth checking out.

Gambling Legislation in New Zealand

New Zealand’s legislation regarding online gambling is very clear. The Department of Internal Affairs controls the industry in the country and has very specific laws of what is legal and what not. The website of the DIA is quite informative. There you can read the main points like for example that in New Zealand the interactive gambling is not prohibited as long as it is overseas, so it is not illegal is someone from the country is gambling online if the website is based overseas.

There is also legislation which is related to the operators and advertising. The penalty for advertising gambling is quite high, so online casinos and sportsbook operators are restricted from advertising in all the media including TV and newspapers. However, if a player finds a website on their own, they can play at it with no legal restrictions or limitations.

What are the laws for casino sites in New Zealand? The first legislation for online gambling was introduced in 2004. The industry was increasing in popularity, so the laws needed to be created to facilitate its regulation. The Department of Internal Affairs in the country was the body that enforced the regulations. It is the government association which also regulates services such as passports, censorship, marriages, birth, and death.

The act designed to serve this purpose was the 2003 Gambling Act which granted the rights to offer interactive gambling online to the New Zealand Lottery Commission and the Totalisator Agency Board. This allows the citizens to play slots on various media devices such as TV, phone, texts, websites and more.

As we already mentioned New Zealanders could play slots in online casinos which are not based in the country, it is also legal to play the game online as long as the casino is not running in New Zealand. The main issue, however, remains to choose reputable casinos in NZ because with the current regulations there is not much you can do if an overseas casino took your money.

Residents and citizens can engage in slots websites regulated and licensed by the TAB and the Lottery Commission, even if they are overseas. Some regulations are not so easy to track, so it is very important to check the websites thoroughly and to look for reputable operators which offer exciting and safe environment.

The liberal laws in New Zealand mean that there is a broad range of options to choose from as online casinos battle for every customer, but also that the authorities have no jurisdictions over online casinos, so the risk of playing at an illegal site is bigger.

Mobile Slots in New Zealand

Can you play New Zealand slots via mobile application? Players can enjoy slots on various mobile platforms on their iPhone, Android or Windows device. Now you can play on the go, and it is as easy as opening your social profiles or sending emails on your device. However, there are things you need to keep in mind when playing at an online casino through your mobile device. You must know that playing casino games online will take up a lot of your mobile data, so make sure you know how much data you can use to avoid paying significant overcharges. Find the best option for playing and only after that think if it is worth it calling your mobile operator to increase the data plan.

Choose an Online Casino New Zealand

Residents and citizens can choose between hundred real money casinos and the competition also mean more attractive promotions and bonuses. At most websites, you will find welcome promotions for first time players, where your initial deposit will be matched with free bets or you will get free spins on a pokie, and the best part is you can keep the profits. Some of these promo offers can bring you thousands of dollars, so it is worth looking for the best deals before joining.

When choosing a site, it is important to watch out for the customer service and the reputation of the operator. The research can start with reading reviews about the site, more on the topics of paying out winnings and customer satisfaction. Another important thing to look out for are the payment methods if your preferred methods are accepted, how long are the withdrawal times. After all, you want to know when you will get your winnings if you get lucky, right?

So, to sum it up the liberal stance regarding online gambling in New Zealand has its positive and negative sides, so be prepared and before engaging and playing at a site read all the opinions and reviews available.

Real Money Wagering Online

How to bet real money at online casinos in New Zealand? The winning combinations in the online slots are generated randomly, so you cannot tell when the slot will hit. A good advice would be to play for a while before wagering money, but remember that winning requires chance and luck. There is always a chance to win even if you have placed money on the games. There are several people who have already walked away with huge jackpots within the millions range while playing online casinos in NZ.

There are many payment methods you can use to deposit money like MasterCard, Visa, PoLi, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Neteller and much more. Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards are among the most popular and used methods of payment in New Zealand. Players who use accounts funded by these payment options do not need a new cards or accounts. The card they have can already be used to play instantly.

With Visa and MasterCard players can start playing the slots without waiting for the deposit clearance. Another convenient option when it comes to payments is Moneybookers. With this e-wallet, you can deposit and withdraw money instantly. Online slots players in New Zealand can also use Neteller, which is another secure and convenient banking option. Transactions are easy to make, and you do not need to share your financial details with the online slots casinos. The Neteller account is enough to create an account at any casino before you start playing. With this method, players can send and receive money in different currencies including, Canadian, Australian and American dollars, Pounds and Euro.

Skrill is another great option to fund an online slots account. At some online casinos, there are even extra bonuses for players who use Skrill. This is a safe method, which uses emails and passwords when receiving and sending money. Skrill is extra secure because there is no need of disclosing financial data.

Ukash is also an option; it is a voucher system which allows payments to be split between two vouchers. This makes it easy to play at two different sites and be able to transfer money to both at different times and from different locations. Withdrawals are very easy too, and they are done using the same vouchers. When your winnings are cashed, they are transferred to the voucher, and you can withdraw the money or continue playing.

Playing Safe Online

Play betting games safely at New Zealand casinos online! Regardless if you play online operators in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world, safety always comes first. As we already mentioned safety is very important when it comes to playing online pokies, especially when the country residents are only allowed to play at foreign-based sites. New Zealand’s government has no jurisdiction over these operators and cannot help in case of lost or stolen customer money.

We always advise playing at casinos which have an excellent reputation and verifiable track record. Luckily, many large and well-known operators are offering their services to a player from New Zealand, so there is no need to play at sites which are unknown and with unclear or bad reputation.

The first step before playing is to make sure the casino has a license. Read the terms and conditions on the site and check customer reviews online to find out more about the operator. If this sounds like a lot of work, just check the sites we have listed and reviewed for you on this site.

Regardless of which casinos in New Zealand you pick we wish you lots of luck and fun.

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