Listing the Top Casinos Accepting eChecks Deposit Methods

Casinos accepting echecks rely on a payment method that adds cash to your account without the need to use a debit card, credit card, or an e-wallet. A lot of people dislike using a charge card on the internet because they fear that their information could be stolen and used for identity theft. Some other people dislike using e-wallets because these people do not want to provide their account information and password information to various financial institutions. The option for using an E-Check is a way of funding their gaming activities in an easy and simple way.

eChecks and instant checks for making internet Casino deposits

The eCheck or instant check is a convenient way to deal with your gambling activities in case you prefer to deal with all your payments with the use of your bank account. We strongly recommend that you use this exclusive method of payment only when you are playing at a reputable and trustworthy Casino. Also, we recommend funding your account only with enough money needed to cover your gambling activities and then transferring the cash to some other more secure account until you have to make another deposit to a particular Casino. That way, if some person steals your checking account information, he can only get a small amount of your bankroll, savings or budget.

Definition – What is an Echeck?

Have you ever used an eCheck to make payments? This is an electronic check, the online version of the well-known checks that you often write at the convenience store or the grocery store. This method of payment is connected to your checking account by way of a routeing number, which means that the funds come straight out of your bank account. To be able to use this method for making a deposit, you will have to provide verification. A lot of services for electronic payments or e-wallets provide the E-Check service.

Also, Neteller, Moneybookers and Paypal can also service your Echeck. As described in Investopedia, the eCheck offers you more security than the regular check from your chequebook because it comes with additional security features added to it and it also requires fewer actions to be processed, which means that fewer people can take a look at your information.

The security features mentioned by Investopedia include public key cryptography, digital signatures, encryption and Authentication. The Electronic check is subject to the same laws as the regular paper checks that are issued by the banks. Any transaction that the paper check works for could be covered by the electronic check. The legitimacy of both is the same.

Even the United States Treasury Department uses electronic checks when they pay their debts on the internet, and these payments make up the bulk of the internet bill paying of the Treasury Department. In the internet gambling industry, in many cases, you will observe this type of payment described as “check/cheque”, “bank cheque” or “bank check”, sometimes even “bank draft/cheque”. Of course, this could be the cause of confusion, since all of these may also refer to the standard written and signed the check.

Do eChecks provide the same security as credit cards?

Is online banking with eChecks safe and secure? Since the instant check or the eCheck is more secure than the paper check, this does not mean that it is certainly as effective or safe as a payment made by credit card. One of the benefits of a credit card over the check is that you can dispute charges of suspicious origin. In case you notice a suspicious charge placed on your credit card, or your credit card issuer notices it, the credit card company immediately stops the payment and then dispute the charge.

In case you use an E-Check, the security is left to your chosen bank where you have opened an account. Not just that this bank may not have the newest security or resources used by Mastercard or VISA, but if some payment has already been made from your account and it is already in another account, it would be much more difficult to recover it. Because of this, it is better to use a credit card payment instead of a check, in most situations. That is the sole reason one MasterCard and Visa continue to be used much more often than the electronic checks.

Playing at Casinos Accepting eChecks Banking Methods

The Echeck payment method is preferable in case your credit card company starts questioning your deposits or withdrawals from internet Casino websites. The already mentioned case in which you make a dispute for charges from an online casino website can be the cause of other specific problems as well.

How and when to use the eCheck service? A quite probable scenario when you use your credit card is in case an internet Casino is slower when it comes to providing your payment after you have deposited at their website and would like to make a withdrawal after a more quick win. In this case, the gamblers who wish their credit card company to file a dispute with the online casino in many cases get more closely monitored by the credit card company.

The reason is that the credit card company considers gambling as increasing the risk of exhausting your credit card limit, delinquency, default or even going bankrupt. In other words, once Mastercard or VISA notice that you make gambling-related payments they start to consider you riskier.

No one wants to be part of that case, so many people choose to avoid disputes made through their credit card company. However, a question or situation can occur when your basic financial institution notices electronic checks are used for online casino payments. Because of this, some internet gamblers have a preference toward setting up a separate checking account that is used primarily for gambling activities.

This keeps internet gambling transactions separated from their regular bank account, where the cashouts and payments can be seen by the person’s spouse, accountant or Bank employee. That is the basic reason most internet casinos send you checks by the name of parent companies since they don’t sound so obviously casino-related like 888 Casino or bet365 Casino.

Are US players able to play an electronic checks casinos?

Who can take advantage of the eCheck banking? Currently, about 100 various gaming websites provide the option for an immediate eCheck casino deposits, and they also accept US players. Online casinos accepting echecks include the Realtime gaming sites such as High Noon, Lucky Red Casino and Club USA Casino. And the RTG websites are not your only option.

You can also find some Microgaming run casinos such as Red Flush Casino and also some not so popular software providers such as Amigotechs Inc – they offer instant check deposits at a few casinos.

We advise you to be very careful when you use this method of payment and also to make a prior research of the particular online casino before sending an electronic check. There are many websites accepting eCheck deposits, but we have only recommended the online casinos listed on the current page.

Instant check online casinos for players from Canada and the UK

The UK and Canadian players have a much broader selection, with about 400 various websites accepting Bank draft cheques. These are some of the most popular Casino websites worldwide, such as William Hill, 888 Casino and Unibet Casino. This underscores the fact that the legalisation of internet gambling protects the users by providing them with access to a bigger selection of legal choices. In fact, in case you make something a part of the black market, people have less protection under the law.

Probably the US government think that the people who participate in internet gambling get what they deserve, but it is difficult to say that the American gamblers get better service than their United Kingdom counterparts. Instead, the US players who wish to gamble are forced to go on a long ride to the nearest gas station and just buy a state-operated lottery ticket, with about sixty percent payout rate, and this is somehow thought to be more legitimate.

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