Paddy Power Is Hiring A Head of Trump Betting

Why is paddy power looking for a Trump specialist?

If you are a vivid gambler as well as a head for betting on Trump, a bookmaker based in Ireland might offer you the perfect job. Paddy Power has posted a job offer for a betting expert who is focused on Donald-Trump. The role is called Head of Trump Betting, and it is based in Dublin.

So you are probably wondering what your job will be? Turning around America. Well, kind of. The listing reads that the company wants to make American politics great again. Well, the Irish company sure does have a sense of humor but let’s face it. There is absolutely no chance that Trump will, so someone has to, right?

Paddy Power told the New York Times in an interview that bets on the unpredictable nature of Trump’s presidency have become more popular than any other novelty wagers the company has offered in the last year. This includes bets that are associated with Brexit.

The lucky employee will have to manage the company’s newly launched specials that revolve around the President. The offer states that the company is looking for a marriage that is more convenience than Donald’s to Melania.

This may seem like a joke, but it is not, and neither are your responsibilities.

There will be over 1000 special wagers online, so a successful candidate will manage and monitor the existing Trump markets while thinking about new specials. You will also have to build a wall around the hub to make sure that foreign bets will not get in.

You will have to combine a passion for topical news with a general interest in US Politics as well as an ability to think outside the box. However, if you have a suggestion related to paying out early on an election, it will be shot down faster than a journalist asking Trump a tough question.

The BAU elements of your role will be to compile odds, in-play trading and most importantly to send the best Trump quotes for the company to laugh at. Mind that Paddy Power noted, that the ideal candidate will sound, look and even think like Trump. The desired attributes include an excessive use of exclamation marks, a fake tan as well as an ability to deflect fake news.

So, is the bookie just kidding, or is this the dream job for you? A spokesman for Paddy Power told the New York Times that it is the real deal. So what are you waiting for, get a spray tan and get on the first flight to Dublin!

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