A Man was Shot in Front of a Top Casino in California

A Man was Shot in Front of a Top Casino in California

Most California residents were asleep at 1:30 Sunday morning, however, there are a lot of us who enjoy to hang out with friends and play a few poker games or try to win at some slot machines in the late hours. Unfortunately, this did not end well in Sacremento, when a man was shot in front of the Capitol California Casino.

The victim was identified as the 36-year-old Nicholas Broadway. He was killed by outside of the venue when the perpetrator opened fire on a group of people after a fight. A policeman tried to control the situation, and several shots were fired.

Late Saturday evening to the early Sunday morning everything was going well at the casino, located in Downtown Sacramento. The venue is quite popular among the citizens and is well-known for its card games. It is not certain how many people were at the Capitol California that evening, however, there was a fight in the parking lot, and a policeman was called to settle it down.

The police officer came to the crime scene accompanied by two security guards, and they managed to separate the two groups which were fighting. However, when it all seemed to be in control, a man took his gun out and started shooting, the officer also fired at the person trying to disarm him. The perpetrator fired approximately 17 shots and hit the victim and ran away. The victim was instantly rushed to a hospital. Unfortunately, they could not save him. The shooter most likely sensed danger and he ran away, he has not been identified yet.

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