Clinton Portis Will To Go To Trial In September

When is Clinton Portis' trial?

Clinton Portis is a former NFL running back, and he is slated for a trial on the 6th of September over a $170k debt he ows the Borgata casino in Atlantic City.The case comes before the US Bankruptcy Court for the North District of Florida. This is because Portis filed for bankruptcy back in 2015 and his total amount of debts exceeds $5 million.

The Borgata is one of Atlantic City’s top casinos, and it extended a gambling credit to Portis back in 2011. This all happened because Portis ended up bouncing a handful of checks from Portis.

The casino stated that Portis was aware that the checks would not be honored by the bank since the account balance was depleted and the former athlete planned to drain the account before they tried to redeem the bad checks.

Because of this, the casino is arguing that Portis cannot discharge the debt no matter if he went bankrupt or not.

Thus, as a result of the materially false representations as well as fraudulent conduct made by the defendant, the casino asserts that its unsecured claim is not dischargeable against Porter in an amount of $170k.

The former professional athlete was extended to $200k worth of credit, and he has repaid only $30k of it with six separate payments of $5k. The 35-year-old also owes over $200k to MGM, located in Las Vegas. The case there is still pending.

Portis made over $43m during his career in NFL.

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