AI goes deep to beat people at poker

Can AI beat me at poker?

A couple of artificial intelligence programs have proven that they do not only know when to hold ’em, but also when to fold ’em. This happened quite recently when they defeated professionals for the first time in the popular poker game called Texas Hold ’em.

And during this week the organization behind one of those programs, called DeepStack, managed to divulge some of their secrets to success. This is an incredible innovation as well as a triumph that could lead to Artificial Intelligence that will be able to perform tasks such as beefing up airline security or even simplifying business negotiations.

Traditional game-playing AI has one aim, and that is to calculate all possible results of a game and even manage to rank the strategies by using a formula that searches data from other winning games. However, there is a downside to this method, and it is that to compress the available data, algorithms tend to group together strategies that do not work.

The researchers also show interest in the business implications of the new technology. For example, an Artificial Intelligence that understands the imperfections in information scenarios could be able to determine what the final sale price of a flat or a house would be for a buyer before knowing the rest of the bids. This will allow that buyer to create a better plan on a mortgage.

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