19-year-old gave most of $500,000 lotto winnings to his parents

Why did a kid give his winnings to his parents?

Have you ever wished that one day your kids will stop asking you for money? Or repay you for your sacrifices and everything you have done with half a million dollars?

Well, dreams do come true. Last week, a 19-year old Michigan resident purchased a winning scratch-off at a gas station that is worth $500k. After he had made sure that it was not fake, the young man made a jaw-dropping decision of how to spend his winnings.

You would be surprised that he did not throw a wild party or purchase a macho car. The boy decided to keep 5,000 for himself and give the rest to his parents. Yep, you read that correctly, his mum and dad.

The generous young man told the Michigan Lottery that his parents had done quite a lot for him and his sister so helping them takes a massive weight off his and their shoulders.

If you are a parent, you know that the financial pressure of having children in its entirety is borderline huge. CNN Money released a report that showed that the cost of raising a kid is $233,610 and it does not include college.

This young man has to bang out several more scratch-offs before he makes a statement. However, we are left here wondering how did these parents raise such a child? Moreover, how can we guarantee that our kids that buy lotto tickets from gas stations will have the same luck?

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