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When will they build more problem gambling centres in NY?
New York currently has over a dozen racetracks and casinos with lottery terminals, this problem gambling is becoming a massive concern. The state addressed this issue yesterday, by stating that it will create a few resources centers for problem gambling in New York. The state announced that the requests for these proposals will provide up […]

Why is a betting company giving out jelly beans?
These jelly beans were given to Justin Field this morning on the 30th of March in the Martin Place commuter station. Field is the party spokesperson for gambling. He told BuzzFeed News that there were at least three people in TAB t-shirts that were handing out different materials, some of which were jelly beans. Field […]

How to learn poker online?
Have you ever wanted to learn additional important information about Seven Card Stud poker, but you did not have anywhere or anyone to turn to? Well, Tonight at 7 pm PT (10 pm ET) you will have the opportunity to learn from one of the best Seven Card Stud players in the world. You are […]

Are poker's glory days over?
Poker is not just one of the most popular card games in the United States, but gambling games as a whole. I am certain that most of you have played poker at least once, no matter if it was with your friends or in a gaming venue. Well, when Monte Carlo decides to close an […]

Why did a kid give his winnings to his parents?
Have you ever wished that one day your kids will stop asking you for money? Or repay you for your sacrifices and everything you have done with half a million dollars? Well, dreams do come true. Last week, a 19-year old Michigan resident purchased a winning scratch-off at a gas station that is worth $500k. […]

Why is paddy power looking for a Trump specialist?
If you are a vivid gambler as well as a head for betting on Trump, a bookmaker based in Ireland might offer you the perfect job. Paddy Power has posted a job offer for a betting expert who is focused on Donald-Trump. The role is called Head of Trump Betting, and it is based in […]

Why are the odds for Trump's impeachment increasing?
Donald Trump’s first months in the White House have been entangled in controversy. This is because of an ongoing F.B.I. Investigation that is trying to figure out what his campaign’s ties are with Russia. Not to mention that several executive orders are controversial as well as the repealing of a lot of federal and financial […]

Why does sports betting look like wall street?
According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, last year, the total amount of sports wagers in Nevada were about $4.5 billion. With so much being at stake, punters are turning to more sophisticated tools which involve complex data analysis to get the best possible odds. High-frequency betting The first thing that comes to your mind […]

What will happen to online gambling?
There are several things which are as unbecoming in U.S. politics as elected leaders who do their best to stray from the principles of which they managed to build their reputations. A clear example in Washington is the effort by several Republicans to create a federal ban on online gaming. We have discussed this issue […]

How to win in march madness?
NCAA’s March Madness is almost here, so millions of people are getting ready to fill in brackets, with the hope of capitalizing on workplace pools across the country. Even the modest incentives are tempting. However, you are probably wondering what is the safest way to play and how can I hedge my bets to make […]
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