The Dorothy A. Smith Scholarship for Scientific Research

Certificate for scholarship and Dorothy A. Smith are happy to Announce the Scholarship for Scientific Research that will award two lucky international students $1,800!

The areas:

  • Interdisciplinary research in the field of humanitarian and social sciences in the gambling industry including institutional analysis, research of the process of forming an addiction to gambling, social communications research, integrated economic, legislative, historical, social and political research;
  • Social computing research and other synthesis fields of computer sciences and socio-humanities (high-tech social network research, cyber policy, pattern recognition, IT in gambling, new media environments, artificial intellect);
  • Cognitive and behavioral experimental psychology and neurosciences (applied and fundamental aspects);
  • Development and research in various fields of social gambling;
  • Research in the field of synthesis of life sciences and social humanities including biopsychology, ethology research, genetic and other biological factors that influence individual features and social behavior in a person;
  • Mathematical modeling of neuropsychological, complex processes and systems, social, economic, ecological and political research;
  • Environmental research (energy efficiency and conservation, environmental monitoring, human ecology, study if the influence of factors of media and high-tech on people in cities);
  • Linguistic research (including computing, social, psychological, cognitive, and neurolinguistic);
  • Research in the field of arts and sciences synthesis including research in the field of design, cultural studies, and creative industries.

The Dorothy A. Smith Scholarship for Scientific Research Terms and Conditions

SlotsWebsites and Dorothy A. Smith are pleased to offer a scholarship to undergraduate and postgraduate students. In accepting this scholarship or any other awards by SlotsWebsites, students are agreeing to The Dorothy A. Smith Scholarship for Scientific Research Terms and Conditions and to take part in a wide range of promotional activities. These Terms and Conditions will work alongside all course criteria or conditions that are outlined in the description of the scholarship:

  1. Deferment of this scholarship is not permitted;
  2. The topic of your scientific research must be connected to gambling;
  3. The experimental study must be between 15 and 30 pages;
  4. Your empirical work must be in APA format;
  5. Unless there are exceptional circumstances you have to:
    • Maintain a GPA of at least 4.0 or the equivalent in your country;
    • Maintain a CWA of at least 70 and pass all enrolled units per semester;
  6. You are not eligible to receive or apply for any other industry sponsored scholarships if you receive the Dorothy A. Smith Scholarship for Scientific Research;
  7. Any volunteer work and extra-curricular activities will be considered as an advantage;
  8. Any applicants that do not meet all of the above-mentioned requirements will not be looked into;

Application Deadline:

The deadline is until February 15, 2018, 12:00 DST

This is the link to the application form.

The research must be sent to [email protected]

Expert evaluation of applications

Expert assessment is carried out by research experts in various science fields until the 1st of March 2018.

The Assessment results will be published by March 15, 2018 in the site. The winners of the scholarship will receive and email informing them of their achievement and will be asked to provide a Skrill account.

You can find more information about The Dorothy A. Smith Scholarship for Scientific Research and SlotsWebsites, as well as the results of previous contests, events, and the application for participating in the competition available on the website

If you have any further questions or queries contact us at [email protected]

September 11th, 2017 | Dorothy A. Smith
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