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Reviewed by our casino expert Dorothy A. Smith on 9th April 2018, please read the below recommendations and opinions!

You know that feeling of anticipation as you make yourself comfortable at the cinema right before you finally see the latest box office hit? This is exactly how I felt when I opened bet365 casino – a page modelled in a sleek carbon grey theme with electric blue accents gave me two choices: Join Now or Enter Site. After choosing to enter, I was greeted by a page filled with different sized thumbnails of various game titles.



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  • Games – 99%
  • Bonuses – 98%
  • Software – 96%
Overall: 4.8


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Known as a reputable sports betting portal, bet365 have decided to open their own casino, and I wanted in on the action. After going through a quick check and clicking around a few times on things I saw, I realized one thing – if I wanted to explore more options in greater detail, I would have to register an account. Signing up was quite straightforward, and then I moved on to explore the actual games.

What Type of Games Will You Find Here?

The numerous game sections and tabs gave me the impression that there are a whole lot of games to explore, and there were. Many of them were the newest slot titles. As expected, there were card and table games as well: virtual video poker machines, keno & dice games, plus a whole bunch of other interesting titles you wouldn’t find in most casinos. After going at it for some time, I stumbled upon something quite interesting. 

When I’d discovered the bet365 casino, I’d recommended it to a friend who lives in another country. As I was telling him some interesting features present in a specific slot title, he said that he couldn’t find the location of that game anywhere on the website. In the end, it turned out that because he was from another country, many of the games weren’t available to him. Upon going through the general terms and conditions, I discovered that the casino reserves its right to restrict access to specific countries in respect of their jurisdictions.

Dedicated to Poker

When it comes to card games, bet365 pays incredible homage to Poker – it has even dedicated a separate tab to it. Clicking on it, I was expecting a bunch of game variants to appear. However, I was pleasantly surprised and baffled at the same time. The page that opened had a “download” installer button, and a “play in your browser” – but that wasn’t why I was confused.

Upon deciding to open it in the browser, a flash-styled launcher loaded, and I found myself looking at something that appeared to be a virtual lobby. To the left, was a menu column that offered a variety of options and features, among which there were Missions, Casino games, Store, Loyalty, *Bonus, Tickets and others; to the right, were several NL Hold’em games that differed by their wagering limits. 
*Terms and conditions apply, 18+

bet365 offers awesome poker game experience

The Live Dealer Casino Section is On Point

The real thrill comes when a player gets as close as they can to experiencing a real land-based casino, and bet365 surely delivers. Launching any type of live game from the main menu of the website will load and open a window that has a strip on the top with the different live game sections. While some games have a lot of variations based on the type of their playing mechanics, they can also differ by their minimum and maximum wagering limits. 

  • Baccarat – has many versions different in both the way they are played as well as in the betting limits. Grand baccarat, Lounge, opal 7 seats, topaz speed, crystal mini, Zhu que mini, sapphire room mini, lounge no commission, grand no commission, mini no commission. While I usually prefer to hit the Blackjack tables, I realize that there are a lot of people who love Baccarat as well; after all, it is why there are so many tables available.
  • Roulette – diamond, pearl, phoenix, sapphire, Athena, Nefertiti, diamond French, pearl French, phoenix roulette French 9 in total (pearl roulette has double zeros, which make it the closest one to the American. A word of advice if you would like to bet on some roulette numbers, is always check the table’s limits. They are usually placed on every table and clicking on them will open a much more detailed version revealing any payout odds, as well as minimum/maximum stake limits for each group of fields.
  • Blackjack – 5 versions of the game – blackjack 1, 2, Sapphire Room Coral, Zirconia unlimited, and Unlimited Blackjack. Naturally, should the casino decide to introduce any more tables, you will probably be able to find them here. Bear in mind that Blackjack is one of the most played games in any online casino, so it is possible for the players to see new Blackjack variants in the future.
  • Sic bo – although there are many versions available online, the only Sic bo version here is the classic one, eloquently named the “turquoise” Sic bo. Although this game is reminiscent of Craps, its betting field could confuse the players that have no knowledge of any dice game. Usually online gamblers that like dice games have a favourite type they like to play the most; sadly, there aren’t many dice games here.
  • Hi-Lo – seeming as though I tried a few times to reload this section, it kept displaying a message “no tables available”. Upon trying to open the same tab on another day, it would still show the same notification. I wasn’t going to quit on trying though. After logging in every day, I was hoping that at least one Hi-Lo table will become available. After my last try, I deducted that there wasn’t a sufficient public interest for the casino to open a table.
  • Poker – this section was a bit tricky to properly analyze, as sometimes it wouldn’t load any available tables; when I tried to do it on a different day, it showed me only one. Nevertheless, it seems that the number of available tables for all game titles is proportionate to the number of players being interested in a specific title. The lack of tables doesn’t mean that there isn’t any demand for Poker; this is why a separate section for the game is created on the website.
  • Multi-game – upon selecting this button, four icons appeared; Multi baccarat, Multi Roulette, Multi Blackjack, and a button called “one of a kind”. Each one of those buttons will open a “multi-window” divided into three different parts, with three different tables. The idea here is to be capable of making multiple bets at the same time. The only tip I can give you here, is to have the sounds of at least two of those tables muted, as three different dealers would be speaking, and it could get a bit confusing.
  • Dragon tiger – this simple to play game is quite addictive and fun. However, you need to find an available table first before you can play. Unfortunately, after multiple tries to load any Dragon Tiger tables in the live casino launcher, I decided to start looking for other games to try out as there were no tables available. This did feel kind of disappointing, because Dragon Tiger is indeed a quick and fun title.

bet365 Casino in a Short Video

Choose Your Live Experience

After logging in one day, I discovered that the live dealer games launcher had gained another button on its interface, called “Choose Your Live Experience”. Upon clicking it, four stylized squares appeared, all of which had different logos, and were designated “bet365 Experience“, “Grand Royale Experience“, “Sapphire Experience“, and “Emperor Experience“. Those buttons open a uniquely stylized menu, that presents you with a specific selection of games. For example, the bet365 Experience button offers Roulette and Blackjack, while the Grand Royale only offers a single table of Baccarat.

Can You Find a bets365 Casino App for You?

I usually like to do my online betting while sitting in front of the computer, but I need to admit that even I find myself looking for interesting online casino apps. After some research, I found out that bet365 has its own dedicated casino application, and… you would have to download it from the website itself as it seems that it wasn’t available in either Android’s Playstore or the Apple’s iTunes app store. 

The Promotions and Extras Will Definitely Pique Your Interest

As expected, when you decide to sign up, you will be offered an initial bet365 casino *bonus as a welcome extra. Whether you would decide to opt-in or not, is entirely up to you; just bear in mind that if you would like to benefit from the bonus itself, there will a number of wagering requirements you would have to complete before being able to withdraw any winnings. Other good promotions include cashbacks rebates, weekly, monthly cash rewards, and many others.
*Terms and conditions may apply, 18+


There is a Wonderful Loyalty Points Scheme

bet365 recognizes the importance of rewarding its customers, and this is the reason they have a lucrative comp point system. How this usually works, is that a player is given a number of points for every type of wager they make; regardless of whether it’s a winning or losing bet. Upon gathering a certain number of points, the user’s account type will “rise in rank”. When this happens, other bonuses will be given to the player every time they reach a new milestone. Additionally, you can use those points and exchange them for real casino credit.

The VIP Program Looks Rewarding

If you’re looking for a place that offers a lot of extras, you will enjoy the bet365 casino promotions, especially if you’re one of the high rollers. There are a lot of sweet perks for all VIP members: better loyalty point exchange rates, personal account assistant, additional bonuses, and many other goodies. Bear in mind that the casino reserves its right to grant and/or refuse a VIP membership to every account holder, so you should always play fair.

The Customer Service Is on Hand and Swift

When it comes to customer service, you can tell a lot by visiting the “Contact us” section of the page. The rule of thumb here is that if an online casino gives you a variety of methods to contact them, it means that they usually care about the opinion of their customers. bet365 exceeds any expectations here, because you can contact their customer service agents via live chat, e-mail, telephone, and even snail mail (regular postal services). 

bet365 Has Helpful Guides

I was pleasantly surprised to find that bet365 have created a “player guides” section where everyone who wishes to learn the basic rules of three of the most popular games, can do so. The three games you can learn about are Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette. While usually game guides can be quite confusing, the ones provided here were presented in a very understandable manner; every guide has different sections about Scoring, Betting, General Rules, Interesting Key Points, and much more info that will help you make your gaming experience better.

bet365 guides to playing Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette

Licensed to Host Online Gambling

While possessing a few licenses is usually considered a standard, I always check if the online venue I am playing in has all the necessary certification – so was the case with bet365. They are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (Reference 39563) as well as the Government of Gibraltar. Bear in mind that there are quite a few casinos online that do not possess any certification. In most cases, when you realize it, it is too late. bet365’s credentials seem to be legit, and this is one of the many reasons why the online casino seems to be enjoying a large fan base. 

Dedicated to Resolving Complaints

You can’t please everybody, but that doesn’t mean that bet365 won’t try. The brand is committed to keeping a flawless reputation, so they offer complete assistance with the resolving of any potential issues. Upon providing your username, security credentials and the complete report on your complaint, the staff at bet365 will do their best to contact you with a response to your complaint. In case, you’re not satisfied with the result, you can take up your complaint to bet365’s manager team for a re-evaluation. According to the terms and conditions, their second decision will be final for any issue. Since the casino is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, you can seek assistance from third-party alternate dispute resolution (ADR) providers. 

The Lack of an FAQ Section is Explained

Some of the answers to the most common of questions can be found in the extensive terms and conditions section. The available search function there is more than sufficient to provide answers to your query. There isn’t a generic “frequently asked questions section” because it is often the case that one question will lead to another, so as you search for more details, you will find everything you need at the terms and conditions. I managed to find all I needed so I’m sure, you will get all the answers you’re looking for as well. If not, you can always seek advice from the customer care agents. 

Putting Customers’ Needs First

bet365 wouldn’t be a real casino if they didn’t include a section with information on responsible gaming. While some people are able to control their own gambling habits, others can develop a full-blown addiction that can prove perilous to them. Under “responsible gaming”, you will find advice on how to stay in control, ways to set your own deposit limits, use reality checks, give yourself a timeout or a self-exclusion period. To may this might seem not that important, but it is quite significant for people that have a problem with gambling.

Is Practice Play Mode Available?

Just like with any other casinos I review, I checked out the site before I registered an account. Although joining is free, I wanted to know what an observer could do without having to commit to setting up an account. The first thing I look for, is the presence of a “fun money” game mode. It is a great way to try out new playing strategies and enter any lobby with more confidence. Unfortunately, bet365 doesn’t have that option so if you would like to play any of the games, you would have to do it for real.


The customer service is swift and helpful. Navigating through the website is a breeze and finding your favourite game happens with almost zero effort. bet365 struck me as an online gambling platform that has a lot of variety and diversity in terms of both games and features.

The absence of a “free play” mode can certainly be considered a drawback. However, the quality of the live dealer casino most certainly mitigates any insignificant shortcomings. If you’re looking for a reputable place where you can do some serious gambling, then bet365 will accommodate your needs!

October 15th, 2019 | Dorothy A. Smith
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