Willy Wilcox made a deal with DraftKings

Why did Willy Wilcox sign a deal with DraftKings?

Betting and sports have been woven into each other’s fabrics forever. Two days ago the golf professional, Willy Wilcox, and DraftKinds officially signed a deal. He agreed to appear at several events at private functions such as golf outings, and he is currently in the process of becoming the first golfer who is on Tour to have a relationship with a DFS site.

Athletes are not allowed to have endorsement deals with gambling companies and websites such as DraftKings. Moreover, the Tour issued letters to every player back in 2015 about that matter. In a nutshell, players are not allowed to endorse sites by appearing in commercials or wearing their logos.

However, DraftKings has labeled itself as a provider of daily fantasy sports contests and not as a gambling website, even though cash is being paid out based on how players perform.

Moreover, sports like golf are individual. Thus, the outcome of a said fantasy contest would also lie solely on the player. There is far too much money and integrity to suggest that a player would tank only to win some extra funds on the side. However, we cannot say that there have not been such cases in other sports in which the unseemly side of gambling has reached the highest possible ranks.

Unfortunately, we asked DraftKings about their potential future business with the Tour, but they did not respond to our emails.

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