The MGM Resort Has Been Filled Since Its Opening
 Maryland’s sixth casino opened last Thursday evening, and it was packed and has been since then. Within the previous 12 hours of their opening, more than 50k people streamed through the massive MGM Resort and played on its fancy array of 3000 slot machines, and strolled out onto an enormous terrace, which offers a chilly, yet gorgeous panorama of the Potomac River. During Thursday night, snapshots of the Capital Beltway, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, as well as Oxon Hill Road overflowed Twitter. Besides the casino, the MGM resort that started received its first guests on Saturday now offers a hotel with 300 boutique rooms, art galleries, a flower conservatory, and even a conference room. The nightly room rates range between $399 and $599. According to MGM, approximately 6,300 people worked on their newest addition, and around 2,500 people were employed in the building for each day. The casino has created nearly 3,600 permanent jobs, most of which are filled by locals. The weekend did, in fact, provide a rush of fun and excitement for most of the tens of thousands of people who trekked to MGM for the first taste of all of the attractions, it did not go off without a few issues. The fact of the matter is that a fight broke out on Thursday evening. Moreover, the MGM officials stated that a man made advances on a woman, which she did not appreciate, and two of her male friends stepped in. Fortunately, the fight broke up quickly, and the person who got injured on his face is currently being treated.
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