Conservatives reject the Federal Gambling Ban

What will happen to online gambling?

There are several things which are as unbecoming in U.S. politics as elected leaders who do their best to stray from the principles of which they managed to build their reputations.

A clear example in Washington is the effort by several Republicans to create a federal ban on online gaming. We have discussed this issue before as well as that there are several Senators and Congress members who want to override states’ decisions and to build their own gaming policy. These efforts are in personal conflict with the GOP’s long-held stance for federalism. There is no need to mention that the Party’s platform states that every violation of the sovereignty of state by federal officials is not only a transgression of a government unit against another, but it is also an assault on the liberties of the citizens.

However, every state has its own opinion. For example, one might find online gaming an enterprise which is worthwhile but another to deem it as completely inappropriate or unnecessary or. This is exactly how our government system is supposed to work.

We have discussed Sheldon Adelson before as well as his spearheading of the effort to ban online gaming. However, his motive is not pure since this prohibition would eliminate a big part of the competition that is facing his casino empire.

However, if Adelson managed to win the hearts of several Republicans in Washington, he has an unbelievable amount of work ahead of him to convince the rest of the conservatives.

Check out this article of Adelson’s spendings on the matter.
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