College Basketball Fans Have a wagering edge with the Rules Changes

What is going on with college basketball betting?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is taking that extra step to create more possessions as well as more scoring in basketball. Moreover, those adjustments should attract the attention of college basketball punters as the postseason will be here soon.

The first change removes the 1 and 1 free throw situations, while it also ostensibly breaks the game into quarters without doing so. Currently, a team could shoot the 1 and 1 after the opposing side has seven fouls in half, and would get a total of 2 free throws when the opponent reach ten fouls.

The second change also involves the shot clock. Back in 2015, the NIT experimented with a clock that was 30 seconds, instead of 35. Moreover, the NCAA put the first one into full effect for the season in 2015-2016. However, in 2017, for inbounds plays due to a foul or any event that a player is bleeding, the shot clock will stay, or it will be reset to 20 seconds, whichever is better, rather than having only the option to reset it to the full 30 seconds.

The oddsmaker and supervisor at the Golden Nugget, Aaron Kessler, was not as concerned with totals as he was with the teams that are behind having even fewer tools to catch up. Kessler stated that he likes the 1 and 1, and this takes that entire strategy away. He thinks what it is going to do is turn games into a free throw shooting contest. Therefore, the teams that shoot free throws better will have an advantage.

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