The Boston Major Will Begin This Week

The Boston Major Will Begin This Week

Once again, the Dota 2 athletes and prize pools will be dominating the future reports thanks to The Boston Major, which will be kicking off in a week. Not to mention that there is a $3 million prize for grabbing. The week after this wraps up; we will be heading to Beijing for the World Cyber Arena. So obviously, it is an exciting December for esports fans, and particularly for those who enjoy gambling.

Where to bet this week?


This operator is once again topping the lists of esports betting retail shops with a fantastic selection, particularly for The Boston Major. The website’s esports blog continues to shine as well, with an exclusive piece on women in esports that is quite topical right now.


The esports betting specialists at this operator have a decent selection, but nothing staggering. Their chance to shine is the smaller tournaments, and they are not even taking advantage of them. However, they do have by far the largest Starcraft 2 selection of the week.


This bookie is dependable as always, and especially this week they are boasting a pretty big range of CS: GO markets and the Boston Major. The lack of variety in games is their only flaw, but it is hardly the peak season for massive esports events.


They should make an update, particularly in their articles section as well as the schedule page. However, besides that they have an excellent selection as you would expect from them.

Ladbrokes and Paddy Power

Paddy Power’s market for the Boston Major is currently the only esports market in their section. However, Ladbrokes have a nicely revamped esports section with several events – though, it is odd that there are no wagers available for the Boston Major.

What to bet on this week?

We are coming up to several huge events in the next month, and the build-up will feature a few small tournaments for various esports disciplines.

Dota 2

We already discussed this week’s $3 million event. The group stage will take place this coming weekend, with the best teams playing down to a champion on the 10th of December.

League of Legends

There is almost nothing to report in the way of the large LoL events. However, several small events are playing out in Germany, Barcelona, and Russia over the next few weeks.


The world of CS: GO has just returned from Sweden, where Gambit destroyed Renegades and claimed the share of a $100,000 prize pool as well as the DreamHack Winter title. Following in a couple of weeks in Anaheim is the Esports Championship Series Finals.

Heroes of the Storm

The HoeS Gold Club World Championship is underway in Beijing, with $300,000 to be won. We will save the spoilers for the next week when it will be wrapped up, and the $90,000 first prize will be claimed.


The Starcraft fans are waiting for the World Cyber Arena finals in Beijing. However, the IEM is taking place in South Korea before then.


APEX Season 1 is coming to finish at the end of this week in South Korea, with the winner to take $90,000. It is down to the teams EnVyUs and AF.Blue and the final matches will be on Saturday.

Hearthstone 2

We also had our eyes on Jönköping last week, where Mitsuhide took home theDreamHack Winter title. Following is the World Cyber Arena on the 15th of December.

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