BookMaker Believes That Tiger Woods Will Retire, Instead Of Win In 2017

BookMaker Believes That Tiger Woods Will Retire, Instead Of Win In 2017

Tiger Woods was expected to return to golf during this week at the HWC (Hero World Challenge), and it has generated quite a lot of excitement reasons that are apparent. It will be the first time in over fifteen months that the 14-time champion has hit a shot in competitive play, and everyone is looking forward to glimpses of the magic he used to show on a weekly basis. However, one bookmaker’s prop bets regarding his return are a reminder that we will be seeing the 40-year-old golfer, a man who will be far removed from the dominant version.

BookMaker already released a series of specific bets for Tiger Woods’s long-awaited comeback, and to be kind, the sportsbook does not expect much from him. Neither for this week nor the following year.

On Sunday morning the website stated that Woods has a higher chance of retiring by the 1st of January 2018, than winning a European Tour or a PGA Tour by then. The bookie listed that Tiger Woods would be retiring by the date mentioned above at +385. For example, if you bet $100, you will receive $385. Alternatively, you can wager on him winning an event next year at +900. Do not be too alarmed if you are a fan of the golfer. The odds for Tiger Woods not retiring by then are still favorite at -485 For example if you bet $485 you will get $100.

As for this week, the bookie has Tiger Woods at 20:1 odds to win the Hero World Challenge. Moreover, his odds of being in the top five of the 18 man event (+350) are almost the same as the champion’s chances of withdrawing (+230).

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