A betting company handed out Jelly Beans with ads

Why is a betting company giving out jelly beans?

These jelly beans were given to Justin Field this morning on the 30th of March in the Martin Place commuter station. Field is the party spokesperson for gambling. He told BuzzFeed News that there were at least three people in TAB t-shirts that were handing out different materials, some of which were jelly beans.

Field stated that he usually walks past individuals who are handing out stuff in a train station. However, since he had the gambling portfolio, he did a double take and thought to himself what is that about? The sweets had a sticker with the Tab logo as well as a phrase that states “Nothing’s as sweet as a win”. According to Field, these packets are a clear violation of the gambling advertising regulations. This is because, under the Racing and Betting Regulation of 2012, gambling ads must not be published without this warning:

Think! About your choices. Call Gambling Help: 1800 858 858 www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au

However, it does not appear anywhere on the packet. Field stated that even though Martin Place is a commuter station, such kind of product usually appeals to children and the placement of the sticker is definitely not appropriate. It will get thrown in someone’s bag and then at the table at home. It is certain that children will get a hold of these packets.

Liquor & Gambling NSW stated that they are aware of the advertising and are looking into it to figure out if there are any breached regulations.

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