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There are tons of articles that are dedicated to UK online casinos. And this is not surprising having in mind what a great history gambling has in the United Kingdom, as well as the fact that it is not illegal to enjoy all the various available betting activities. In addition to the brick-and-mortar high street bookmakers, casinos, scratchcards, poker rooms and the National Lottery, players can make use of their online equivalents, too.

For those of you who might be interested in knowing who is responsible for the regulation of the best UK casinos (and the not so good ones, as well), let us share that this is the so called UK Gambling Commission. This entity was established as part of the Government Department for Culture, Media, and Sport, in alliance with the Gambling Act 2005.

which are the best uk online casinos on the webAccording to the commission only in a period of one year, the gross yield of the gambling industry in Britain has increased by 6%. And 17% of the revenue has been made as a result of the remote betting sector which includes online casinos, as well as slots. The conclusion we can draw based on what we said is that whoever is interested in online casinos, poker sites or bookies can quickly benefit from a full range of options without having to worry about regulations. Having in mind the qualities of the top UK casinos it does not make any sense to go for illegal or unlicensed sites.

When it comes to legalities, it is worth mentioning that gambling became legal on the territory of the United Kingdom after the Betting and Gaming Act was accepted in 1960. This is how at the time it was possible to open betting shops and member-only commercial bingo halls. Also, off-course bookmakers became legalized. Regarding casinos, they needed to be member-only, too, and at the same time, it was required of them to be registered with the so-called Gaming Board of Great Britain. In the beginning, each casino could have no more than ten gaming machines. Once the Gaming Act of 1968 was introduced, there was an opportunity for the commercial casino to start their operations, as well.

Gambling in the United Kingdom Nowadays

As far as the more recent decades are concerned, it is good to know that all kinds of gambling on the territory of the UK became regulated thanks to the Gambling Act of 2005. The function of the commission, which was formed simultaneously, was to ensure the proper regulation by being the one that issues the licenses, as well as by monitoring till which extend online betting companies comply with the laws.

find information about gambling in the uk nowadaysTo make remote operators who work with British consumers subject to constant regulation, 11 years later the Government released the so-called Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act. As a result of this a ‘point of consumption’ tax, 15% of the gross profits of any operator must be paid as a tax. This is how even if online operators have shops outside of the UK (i.e. in Malta or Gibraltar), they must also pay taxes to the UK governments as long as they serve UK citizens. The consequences that went hand in hand with this Act were that people who play at UK online casinos or bookies still do not have to pay any taxes on the winnings. However, multiple operators that were considered to be among the best UK casinos online stopped functioning while new casinos became licensed and started operating.

What do Customers of Uk Online Casinos Think About The Regulations?

As far as players are concerned, they can benefit from a bigger security when playing at online casinos in the UK. As a result of all these newly introduced regulations, no betting operator can be active without being fully licensed. Having in mind the huge competition, the majority of UK online casinos strive for providing their potential clients with as attractive welcome bonuses and promotions as possible. Opening an account is not a rocket science, so you will only need to fill in some personal details (phone number, address, and name) and to confirm that you are over the legal age for gambling, which is 18. So even if it is possible to take part in the National Lottery or scratchcards at the age of 16, keep in mind that withdrawing is likely to be allowed only when there is proof of age.

Regarding the platform and the user experience, we need to let you know that there are both UK online casinos, which run in a web-browser without downloading anything, and such which you can only access by downloading software to your computer. Taking into consideration the increase in popularity when it comes to mobile betting, it is no wonder that more and more operators put resources into developing instant play options. This trend is particularly beneficial for Linux and Mac users who tend to be provided with a limited range of opportunities regarding downloadable software even when playing at the top UK casinos online.

What About Players’ Protection

are players protected at uk online casino sitesWhenever we provide personal information, it is important to make sure all details are kept confidential and secure. When it comes to playing at UK online casinos, it is worth knowing that all data is encrypted and handled in a secure way. However, keep in mind that you are the one responsible for providing accurate details and that you might end up having winnings withheld or facing prosecution if you do not do so.

What can help you protect yourself, when providing information, is to follow the instructions of the Gambling Commission. First, it is important to make sure any online casino or another operator you are interested in is fully licensed by the commission. Second, keep in mind that licensed operators must officially state what is necessary to be able to gamble in a safe way. This also refers to procedures that are built for vulnerable and young people to be protected. What is more, there must be guidance on what it means to gamble responsibly and how to control your betting as a player.

Payment Methods

People who play at the UK online casinos can choose from multiple payment instruments, such as cards, e-wallets (Neteller and PayPal) and bank/wire transfers. It is advisable to take some time and inform yourself about the specifics and limitations of each accepted methods in advance so that you do not end up being unpleasantly surprised by some administration fee or requirements related to minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited or withdrawn.

Due to higher safety and security, most people prefer using cards and PayPal. Paying via PayPal enables you to get your account verified without having to add financial details upon registration. MoneyBookers and Skrill are also quite popular. As far as bank or wire transfer is concerned, it allows players to provide themselves with prepaid cards and special offers like ‘refer a friend’.

Avoid UK Online Casinos & Betting Sites That Are Illegal

Having in mind, the various operators recognized for being best UK casinos online; it is simply pointless to even consider playing at an illegal site. Not only would you leave yourself fully unprotected, but you could not prevent the operator from compromising your own personal data or refusing withdrawals.

how to understand which uk betting sites are illegal

Specifics to Keep in Mind Regarding Online Casinos & Slots

Since the very moment Internet was invented, there has always been the opportunity to take part in online slots games. Because it is necessary to provide some financial information to play, some people wonder if they should go for it at all. In spite of the severe consequences that can go hand in hand with exposing personal data, we need to admit that the best UK casinos online succeed in ensuring complete security. This is how players can enjoy the experience and at the same time remain protected.

As a result of strict checks (financial and background) and references, the casinos that become licensed are certainly associated with secure practices. As far as fairness is concerned, one of the most important factors is the software that each of the UK online casinos uses. Microgaming and Playtech are providers famous for ensuring fair gambling, when you take part in their slots games. This is possible thanks to an inbuilt house advantage, as well as programmed edges. What also helps in the process of ensuring fairness is the usage of random number generators (RNG). Local licensing jurisdictions and the NGO eCOGRA put efforts into determining the reliability of online casinos and protecting slots players.

Although there are a lot of online casinos that are not focused on serving residents of other countries, it is not uncommon for them to be based abroad. The reasons for this decision have to do with the shorter period it takes to run the tests and get licensed there. The top 3 requirements to get licensed include the credentials of the operator, how secure and fair the software is and what kind of procedures/policies need to take place so that players can get their payouts.

What About Mobile Slots And Legislation

what mobile slots does the united kingdom offerOnce the Internet was invented, there was the need to alter the gambling legislation of the 1960s. More and more people considered it more convenient to play slots online instead of going to brick-and-mortar casinos. This phenomenon resulted in the introduction of the Gambling Act in the United Kingdom. This is how since 2007 players are allowed to participate in the so-called “Remote Gaming” which includes playing slots and various other casino game options on any type of device. In the same time, UK online casinos still have a brick-and-mortar casino equivalent.

As we briefly mentioned, there is a wide range of clauses in the laws aiming at protecting under-age players and “vulnerable adults”. These groups are not allowed to take part in such activities. Similar to other casino games, fruit slots are accessible via a downloadable software and the best UK casinos online provide the instant play option, too. Still, take into consideration that the new flash slots at online casino sites do not offer the same amount of game options and that you will still need to register to play.

Paying in British Pounds When Playing Online Slots

The majority of UK online casinos provide this opportunity both when it comes to deposits and as far as withdrawals are concerned. As we mentioned in the section about PAYMENT METHODS, you are capable of choosing between cards, wire/bank transfers, and multiple e-wallets. When you play at best UK casinos, your transactions will be processed fast. On the other hand, it might take a while if you go for a less reputable operator. Once again we would like to remind you that it is worth checking the policies of the preferred payment instrument in advance even if usually the transactions are free.

why are the online slots of the uk secureOnline Slots And Security

Having in mind that there is nothing that can prevent any UK online casino from stating that their website is safe, we encourage you to make sure you trust a reliable operator. One criterion that can come in handy is whether the several online slot casino is listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange). Also, you might be willing to check the policies of GamCare, eCOGRA, and Responsible Gambling before you continue with the creation of an account.


All in all, we can sum up that UK citizens are provided with various opportunities to legally enjoy gambling not only when it comes to brick-and-mortar casinos, but also as far as their online equivalents are concerned. Even if there are multiple regulations imposed by the respective authorities, do not forget that each player takes personal responsibility for double checking if the several UK casinos online are trustworthy, as well as for getting informed about specifics related to the payment methods. Having in mind the advantages that go hand in hand with playing at best UK casinos, we would like to once again encourage you to only choose licensed operators.

This is the end of today’s article. We hope you found it useful to dive into the world of UK online casinos with us, and we can hardly wait to meet again.

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